Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle

Good morning Seattle!

Such a beautiful, breathtaking city.

Majestic vistas, snowcapped Olympic Mountains on the horizon.

And these massive, gently gliding freighters…I find them so very romantic.

I literally went running down Union to get a shot as this freighter slowly
slipped across the harbor…

Set sail for Alaska, perhaps?

Oh how I would love to be on that sailboat, feeling oh so small, watching
this gigantic beast of a ship move gently past.

Can you imagine?

It feels so very Titantic, romantic to me.

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Travel Thursday

Travel thursday

Travel Thursday: NYC, reprinted from

Oh joy.

The holidays!

We land in the most sparkling of cities, New York, in one week ++ a few

I. Can’t. Wait.

New York, at Christmas, is a wonderland of delights.

I spend long weekends, with my family, two children age eight and ten, eyes
wide as can be, walking block by beautiful block through The Village,
Chelsea, Union Square, Soho, (and walking and walking they will tell you!)
each lit up and twinkling like a fairy land.

I studied at NYU for a summer program semester – and within minutes find
myself magnetically drawn to Washington Square. Did you know legendary
Fifth Avenue begins here, right at the foot of the magnificent marble arch?

The trends for holiday – gifting – dining – cocktailing – designing – they
are a popping throughout NY’s hustle bustle neighborhoods. As we walk, we
take note of this brilliant window here (Bergdorf Goodman!), aour favorite
bookstore’s warm and inviting atmosphere that makes you sit and stay awhile
there (and cupcake counter – inside Books of Wonder, Union Square).

Maybe it’s because we own our own studio/boutique, A Perfect Event (come
visit us, we’re open seven days a week!), or maybe it’s because I find
creating design trends beyond fascinating…but there is nothing in the
world like New York, especially a glow for happy holidays.


(and make sure to follow us to watch every step we take next weekend –
block by block!)

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Dream a little Dream…Travel Thursday from

Dream a little Dream...Travel Thursday from

Posted from, our too too fun Travel Thursday feature:

Dream a little Dream

Have you ever dreamed?

I mean really, really dreamy – full of enchantment, magic, sparkle?

And by dream, I mean Dream Downtown.

My new major favorite hotel in NYC.

This is a sneak peek of the lobby.

What a lobby!

From snow covered arched doorways as you enter…

To lifesize white wonderland wolves peering out from a forest of massive
snowcovered trees…

To snowy white owls perched ontop ceiling high branches, covered in
suspended flickering candles…

Giant polar bear families, greeting guests as they arrive from around the

Floor lanterns filled with candles, sitting on beds of snow, tucked among
wrought iron baskets filled with white birch logs, between vintage leather

Not to mention the white birch forest lobby covered walls, white fur
wrapped lamps at registration, gold metallic croc lounge seating, skylight
ceilings peering into the heated outdoor swimming pool on the roof above.

We are hooked.

Forever and ever.

Dream Downtown
355 W. 16th St, NYC
(between 8th and 9th, across from Chelsea Market – yet another major
Phone:(212) 229-2559

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Snowy Sunday at the Shore

Snowy Sunday at the Shore

One day left, to celebrate 2012.

And just how did you while away your last Sunday of the year?

Ours, out east, was sunny, snowy and scenic down at the shore.

Drives through the snow covered Connecticut woods along the winding river…

Kids counting massive icicle covered rock cliffs along the road…

An afternoon with dear friends we haven’t seen since summer in Paris…

Wrapped up with milkshakes, burgers, and fries at my favorite seat
anywhere, anytime – a good ol’ diner counter.

Happy eve of the eve, everyone.

One more day – make it count.

It's Time…

It's Time...

December 29th already.

How did that happen?

We’re tucked in, warm and snug, in Connecticut.

Snowstorm coming.

Is it a white Christmas in your neighborhood?

Time to stock up.

Bubbles for dinner, for the weekend, for New Year’s Eve.

What are you going to toast with this holiday?


Exuding French Essence

Exuding French Essence

Do you dream a little dream, of your French Life?

I do.


Hourly perhaps.

Maybe that’s underestimating it.

One Christmas years ago, my mother gave me the most gorgeous book I have
ever laid eyes on.

My French Life, by Vicki Archer.

It is still, oh so many years later, my prized possession, at the top of
the stack on the coffee table, so I can glimpse it’s gorgeousness at every

Inside this glossy, enchanting tome the fabulous French fantasy, she shares
her life in France.

I love this book not only for the mouthwatering full bleed photographs
gracing every page – but also for the writing.

Vicki is such a prolific, elegant, intoxicating writer – and hits every
high note with beautiful prose.

Her lifelong dreams became a reality when her family bought a farmhouse in
one of my own personal favorite sunny villages, Saint Rémy de Provence.

She spent three years lovingly restoring the farmhouse, bringing the
abandoned fruit orchards back to life and planting an olive grove of more
than two thousand trees. Her story a very personal tale of taking risks,
facing challenges and falling in love with all things French. The
photographs are breathtaking, oversized and emotional – taken by her
supremely talented friend Carla Coulson – both lavish and exquisite in
every way.

To open the cover, is to be transported instantly inside the beauty of
French life, simply by flipping through the pretty pages.

My own personal time machine, right in my Chicago living room. (To be
honest is didn’t leave my bedside for a few years – but I panicked someone
would leave a water ring with a drinking glass – the book is as big as my

*Vicki’s second book is **equally beyond beautiful, and* is a celebration
of life in Provence, one of the most charming regions of France. She
believes that ambience, and living life with ambience is the unique
ingredient that differentiates life in France.

Hear, hear.

How I so agree…and thus defines my deep seeded belief that I was
absolutely born in the wrong country.

To quote French Essence: "There is something about the French and the style
in which they live – their ability to blend all the senses – that makes for
a life filled with emotion and a life in which the senses are forever
stimulated." More beyond breathtaking photographs, by Carla Coulson, of
timeless interiors, of charming Provencal towns and villages, of private
gardens and breathtaking landscapes illustrate what Vicki likes to call,
‘French sense’.

Well imagine my excitement when over a few friendly emails, Vicki and I
planned a brocante morning meet up in Provence – at one of her favorites –
Villeneuve les Avignon.

We met at the shady Sycamore covered cafe cart. We chatted, we sipped,
sharing stories of small business, writing books, blogging, and favorite
everythings in Paris and Provence.

It was heaven.

And now – guess WHAT?


Vicki, my favorite esteemed author, is writing for our sweet little
eMagazine, A Perfect Event.

Double Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Her story this fall, Postcards from Provence, has left me quite speechless.

It is perfection.

Filled with her own mesmerizing photography, sharing snippets of Provence
in the fall, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her.

What an issue we are loading up – non?

Just a few more days – this Saturday – September 1st – the premiere
September Issue, A Perfect Event, launches.

I know I am not getting any sleep in Paris wrapping up the perfect
entertaining magazine – and I know the team in Chicago is the same.

Bravo, bravo – just F.O.U.R. more days.

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Photo: Vicki Archer, French Essence


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