Idol Karaoke


American Idol Party – check.

And, to all you tweeners that need themes, it was a total “10”.


Strike that – Lilly says on a scale of 1 – 10 it was a 15.



The Hollywood and Vine Snack Bar was chock full of customized treats and sweets.



The big hit on the table was by far and above the Dark Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn cones, made with AI logo printed papers.



Red Carpet Rolls with themed labels.



I try to mix in every healthy themed snack possible.  Berry Pops are an easy favorite.



Strawberry Lollipops, Veggie Pots…and of course I couldn’t resist the Peppermint Star Lollies.



Lilly loves a Frappucino for an extra special treat.  In her honor, we made Frapp Cakes.  They were grabbed up and gone in a minute.



Chocolate Coconut Mallow Pops – fun for kids to assemble.



Lemon Whoopie Pie Pops.



Doughnut Hole Lollies.


Mini burgers, mini Meatball sliders, Pizzelle Crisp cones…



I refuse to serve soda, but these old fashioned mini Coca Cola glasses were too cute to pass up.


Themed straw flags always dress up the bar.





Have you EVER?  Let me properly introduce the uber cute cake candleabra.



A favorite detail – Lilly’s very own ideas for decor – including personalized judge’s chairs.



And scorecards 1-10 for each judge.  Why didn’t I think of that?



I quickly learned that I didn’t need to spend $100 on an official Karaoke machine.  They loved the microphones, but already knew every single word to every single song.

As you can see, they had their backs to the large screen tv I made sure to have on hand to make reading the lyrics nice and easy.




These 9 year olds were totally on it upon arrival.

They organized the “show”, the judges, the seating, ran the karaoke, took turns watching and singing, and had SO much fun.



I had no idea my daughter was an R Zoe protoge, ready for fashion styling on demand.  Her Sunnies Bar setup was the best surprise all day.



The movie star shades, boas, bedazzled microphones and more were all vogue accessories for the Smilebooth from our dear friends Matt and Stevi, Avery House.




Serious posing.



At a party, especially for kids, I recommend several activities to keep everyone busy and happy.  Karaoke, Snack Bar, Smilebooth with glam getups…



Craft Table with Duct Tape Roses…



All you need is patterned duct tape in several colors, and pencils.



And an art table, made ultra easy with free printables from Crayola.



Merci beaucoup to everyone who joined us today – and to all of our friends and clients who popped in/emailed to say good luck and hi to our birthday girl.

I know that one of my very favorite mother of the brides EVER, Kathey Bushnick, new BFF, is patiently waiting for this post RIGHT now.

I raced right home and immediately downloaded – I promise.

Just for you, as I really, REALLY could have used a quick nap.

Maybe tomorrow.

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