Bonjour de Paris, Maison et Objet


Bonjour de Paris.

Where everything is beautiful.

The land of incredible design at every turn.

Les interieurs.

The interiors.

And above, this is simply a pop up shop – open only for a week for Maison Objet, Paris Deco.


Even outside.

The streets.

The lampshades hang above the famous fabric design boutiques like Pierre Frey, Manuel Canovas, Sanderson, in St Germain, and along rue de Mail in the 2nd arrondissement.

So magical, non?

Each lampshade lists the maison/design company’s name at the bottom as you walk underneath.

Again, temporary, just for the week.


And then there is the show – Maison Objet – it’s a designer’s dream.


Pure fantasy.


From products.

To displays.

To colors.

To trends.

To residential design layouts.


Everything is so beautiful, I have to drag myself out…even after landing from a 7 hour overnight flight, heading right to Maison, checking my carry on, and walking all 8 buildings for hours, and hours, and hours…

Til I start to get all woozy.

From so much beauty.


Here’s to amazing, breathtaking, fantastique new design!

Real Love Stories, inside The Bank on Broadway


We work incredibly hard, every single day, to create beauty.

Honestly, that’s what we’re all about.

But perhaps most importantly, authentic beauty.

Which is why we are beyond excited to share our Real Love Stories, inside The Bank on Broadway.


Eva, our beautiful bride, married her incredible groom, Darius, a few years ago at the lovely Cuneo Mansion.


Eva loves all things French, European, elegant, historic.

Working with them planning, styling and designing their wedding was so much fun, we were blue as can be when the big day was over and done.


So creating their wedding all over again for a shoot was literally a dream come true and beyond.

Especially when we learned we not only got to spend the day hanging out with them again – BUT their brand new bouncing baby boy too!

The thought of a chic, stunning bride + her baby in a gorgeous gown, it’s oh so Vogue, non?


I mean.


This incredible circle of creating a new life together, creating a new family, creating a new life with baby Kaius, certainly calls for a magnum of champagne.


I had 100 favorite moments at the shoot.

My first was Eva, in tears, thanking us for recreating her wedding day all over again – like she was living a dream.


My second, was Darius, all nervous, waiting to see his beautiful bride come out from the dressing room, all over again. He couldn’t believe those emotions and  nerves were back – again!


The third, was this cashmere covered baby – whom I snagged away at every chance I could to hold myself, bounce myself, love on myself – he is delicious.

Bravo bravo to you Eva + Darius – can’t wait to celebrate your incredible family all over again, again  soon.

photos Roots of Life Photography

wedding gowns Victoria Sdoukos Custom Couture

hair makeup Kate Johnson Artistry

florals, styling A Perfect Event


Our new baby…The Bank on Broadway


We have been working, quietly, hopefully, since September on a truly amazing new project.


The story goes like this…


In 1920, the automobile had just been introduced, and buying a car was an incredible luxury.

The experience of shopping for a car was the ultimate lavish experience – you were to be transported into a whole new world of beauty and wealth as you entered into a “showroom”.


In Chicago, on North Broadway, at the end of Lake Shore Drive, Automobile Row was built.

To show off it’s glorious new autos, Chrysler designed an amazing French and Italian Gothic architectural palace, composed of two massive ballrooms, carved columns and columnettes, curved wrought iron staircases, fountains, crested fireplaces, juliet balconies and more.

It’s like a mini French Chateau.

Smack dab in the middle of a beautiful, leafy, tree filled residential neighborhood.

In Chicago all I could compare this to is The Drake Hotel’s Gold Coast Room.

Simply magnificent.

Then, the stock market crashed, 1929. The Great Depression lasted ten long years, and buying a car fell by the wayside.


Here’s a sneak peek of the original terrazzo floors we’ve been restoring – they were covered in commercial carpet, layers and layers of glue.  It took two weeks just to remove the glue – talk about a human mouse trap – our shoes are still sticky.



After Chrysler closed the dealership, this beautiful building then became a furniture store, an antique store complete with a full size carousel, an art gallery.



The carved limestone and terracotta facade is incredible.

I could sit and stare at all these beautiful almost 100 year old “Putti Head” faces, Egg and Dart and Bead and Reel carvings for hours.

And, I have.



The exterior is – literally – wait for it – rose quartz – the official Pantone color of 2016.



So, here’s what happened next.

The neighborhood alderman is a genius.

As the building sat, vacant, with many national retail chains wanting to turn it into the next Walgreens or CVS, the alderman thought about how to properly bring this original 1920s Chicago gem back to life.


And, through a stroke of pure luck, he thought of us.

Lil’ old A Perfect Event.

He called, he asked us to meet him and help him with a new neighborhood project.

That’s all we knew.

No other info.

We were intrigued.

We looked at our calendar, and thought – ugggh – do we really have time to drive ALL to the end of Lake Shore Drive to help an alderman with a pet project, not even inside our Lakeview community?

But, to know me, is to know how much I love projects.

So, we pulled up, we walked in, and we fell in love.

Our jaws dropped, even with commercial carpeting and old furniture scattered all about, blck drapes in windows.

All we saw – in our heads – was this.



The beauty we could create in this building.

The architecture and grand details that we could restore, step by step, to bring this landmark back to life.

In the 70s, the building became a bank – and in fact the vaults are still intact.


We’ll be finishing up restoration this month – and then – watch out – we’re launching this gorgeous space to share with community, Chicago, and celebrations to infinity.

Photos – Roots of Life Photography

Florals – A Perfect Event


New Year, New Fun


Happy new year!

A whole new year means new ideas…priorities…goals…dreams.

My 2016 resolutions are all right here – my peeps.


I’m planning a whole new year with more fun, more time together, more laughter, more love, more family.


One big favorite goal I’m going to keep working on is shown right here: have a photographer (or friend, or family) snap great family picts when on vacation, or even just all together, even at home.

I pour though photos of family every moment I get – from months ago, from years ago – they bring such happiness and joy.

And I’m allowing one more resolution – to jump back into blogging. I’ll be honest – Instagram and our lovely magazine really knocked me off my blogging game.

But I miss it so much – so – I’m back baby!

Hope your holidays were fabulous – happiest 2016 to you.

photos: Amy Boyle Photography on our favorite Nantucket Island, summer 2015