Lilly’s Red Velvet Flag Cupcakes

Flag Cupcakes

Lilly is twelve, and quite frankly the most fabulous baker I’ve ever seen.

As any other pre teen would do, she surfs her iphone for cupcake apps, chooses a fun new design theme based on her mood, and pulls me out the door, to the jeep, for a grocery run.

Today’s mood took her to red, white, blue and July 4th fun.

She made her list, checked it twice, and went aisle to aisle filling her basket with farm fresh eggs, berries, Twizzlers pull apart licorice, and more.

Bake any red velvet cupcake recipe you love (or any flavor that’s a family favorite), ice with white cream cheese (or buttercream) icing.

Stripe fresh blueberries up the left side in a few rows, and pull apart licorice, cutting into shorter sections, and stripe across, to resemble the flag.

With scissors cut the ends of the licorice to fit the cupcake.

Lilly pulled open the cabinets on Nantucket, filled up grandma’s Blue Willow platters with flag cakes, and delivered them to neighbors immediately, cupcakes still warm, icing oozing down the sides perfectly. Well, as soon as she finished standing still for this photo, which as you can imagine, has a soundtrack you don’t need to hear, like “Mom, seriously, I need to deliver these now, please stop taking pictures. Mom, you already took like six pictures, please STOP. I have to go now.”

Happiest of July Fourths to you and yours!

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