Tricks For Setting The Kids Birthday Party

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

I’m Debi Lilly. We’re throwing an all-star sports kids’ birthday party today. No matter what your birthday party theme, the best trick for setting up your table, whether it be your kitchen table or your dining table, is really pull your theme in. Try and put everything onto your table to create a big, beautiful, colorful focal point.

You can see here we’ve set a red runner down the table. This is from BBJ Linen. You can just rent them. They deliver them right to you. We created a big fun focal point in the center with big Styrofoam hands, trophies, footballs, and little mini lockers. All of these things you can buy from party stores. You can rent from A Perfect Event. You can find online. They really dress up your table, for an inexpensive price, and pull your theme right in.

We then have set our food and our drink on colorful trays and on all sorts of different cutting boards. Everything is right here. It’s great to put out pieces that you can heat in advance. You can make in advance, so that you can relax and enjoy the party, and be with the kids having fun.

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