Phantom of the Opera, Paris



He lives and breathes.

Le Fantome de l’Opera.




As I stepped through oversize, gilded doorways, and arches, and marble staircases, snapping away at every single square inch of Paris’ famous, incredible Palais Garnier Opera, his spirit and presence, magically captured in each photograph.

These images – which I thought were so clear and magnificent capturing the exquisite decor…so hauntingly beautiful.




I first fell in love with the gothic Phantom of the Opera, by French writer Gaston Leroux back in college.




I was studying at Richmond College in London, and instantly fell in LOVE one night upon seeing the Andrew Lloyd Webber version live onstage.




I couldn’t wait to see the Paris Opera myself, up close and in person.




The story opens in Paris in 1911 at an auctioning of the contents of the Paris Opera House.

The contents include a fabulous chandelier in which the auctioneer proceeds to tell the story of the legend of the Phantom of the Opera.




Suddenly you are transported back a time when the Paris Opera House was at the height of its powers.




At that time, the opera house is, claimed by many, inhabited by a phantom.




If he is in anyway offended or annoyed then he will cause mayhem in the opera house.




The phantom decides to help a lowly chorus girl, Christine, by giving her music lessons through the wall of her dressing room.

He pretends to be the spirit of her dead father, and eventually she becomes a talented singer who is then thrust into the limelight.





Phantom worships Christine and is determined to make her a star.

When she isn’t given the lead in the new opera, he is angry, and decides to cause chaos in the opera house.

You tell me…

Do you still see him?


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