Sunday Brunch

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

Hi, I’m Debi Lilly. We have set the loveliest table for any Sunday brunch you could ever imagine. This is a great Sunday brunch for a post wedding, or for any kind of a special occasion/party. What I love about it is that it’s a bright pop of citrus colors. We have a beautiful tangerine-colored burlap linen.

Colored linen is such a cool new trend from BBJ Linen. Down the table, we set big beautiful Moroccan lanterns that add instant drama and instant romance to your table. We have wonderful little bowls of Clementines. Again, making that produce beautiful right on your table with little budvases of flowers and bright citrusy colors, like lemon yellow and Clementine orange.

To make it really special, we have cakes as décor. This is such a great way to stretch your centerpiece. You can cut the cakes for dessert, but yet they look beautiful throughout dinner, throughout brunch, throughout the party. They’re a really wonderful way to make your table pop, but then turn it into a part of the meal that you serve as well.

Lounging, Pierre Frey, Paris



Strolling through Paris, trend spotting, is my number one order of business each day.

How gorgeous is this Pierre Frey window, on my favorite design district street, Rue du Mail?



This ultra chic, comfy, swanky lounge beckons to sit a spell, and soak it all in.

It would be the absolute hit of every single wedding after party, event cocktail area lounge and so many more.



We so need these stunning lanterns for our very own A Perfect Event windows…and many an upcoming party, non?

Pierre Herme Party!



We’re having our very own Pierre Herme Party in Paris.

And you’re invited.




PH macarons are the very best in all of Paris.

And he just opened a new Marais boutique, yay!

Just across the river from us on Ile St Louis.

Making our colorful, sweet macarons parties all the more frequent.




French Vogue calls him The Picasso of Pastry.




Others, the bad boy of macarons.




The “Marc Jacobs” to France’s other legendary Coco Chanel.




Pierre is a fourth generation French pastry king.

Like the famous fashion designers, he creates themed seasonal collections. F

His 1999 Autumn/Winter Collection: “Café, Chocolate, Caramel”; and 2013 Summer: “Les Jardins”.  A briliant combination of floral and fruit from the garden.

Pierre Hermé began his career at the age of 14.

Can you imagine a pastry resume that reads Lenotre as a teen…

Pastry chef for Fauchon at age 24…

Laduree at age 30, where he worked helping expand them into the empire they are today.

Just fifteen short years ago, he began his own rock star brand in Tokyo, as he was bound from opening in France by Laduree.




Flavors and colors – each bite more astounding than the next – range from Rose to Jasmin to Arabesque, with Abricot et Pistache.

Top seller?

The Ispahan, made with rose, lychee, and raspberry.

Pierre calls it their “Chanel suit” — the one they sell the most.




Envie combines Cassis, Vanille et Violette.




Infiniment Chocolat Porcelana includes pure Venezuelan chocolate.

Did I mention these melt right in your mouth, the very minute they hit your tongue?




Veloute Banane is new for summer – yogurt and banana.

Many flavors combine surprising savory ingredients: balsamic vinegar, Parmesan or olives.

My crazy flavor favorite:  Olive Oil Vanilla.

Seriously – no matter the wild recipe – they still taste absolutely delicious.



My all time number one must eat this one first flavor?

Infiniment Rose.

No wonder his pretty little sweets have been named to “50 best things to eat in the world”.




Ooh la la.


New to me this summer, secret surprise fillings inside the buttercream.

And he’s created macaron ice cream sandwiches…ice cream sundaes…everything one could sweet dream about.

Pierre Hermé is the youngest person ever to be named France’s Pastry Chef of the Year.

Hence the party.

French Flea Finds, Pont Alexandre III, Paris



Well that was fun.

The four day weekend brocante underneath Pont Alexandre III in Paris is just so beautiful.

The fun of a flea, but set along the majestic scene of the Seine, in the shadows of Grand Palais, with the arching bridges of Paris and la Tour Eiffel surrounding you as you shop.

These ebony egg cups are perfect for Thanksgiving tablescapes, non?





Ditto to the Limoges leaf bowls.

Cannot wait to use them for upcoming fall and holiday shoots.





Majolica madness.

Huge fan.

So lovely for every season.







Old painted china Cake Stands – so impossible to resist.

There were dozens and dozens – all with pretty painted borders and patterns.





Aren’t these sweet little shell sailboats just perfection?




Mike collects french bar accoutrements.

How fabulous is this Napoleon inspired Christofle bottle opener?







We have a very special baby shower coming up – and these frenchy finds are just perfect for our precious bebe decor details.

And just what are you up to this weekend?


Marche Pont Alexandre III


And we’re off!

Up early and riding over to the weekend brocante…

And a dear friend from Chicago lands any minute now.

What a Friday!

How are you celebrating summer today?

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