Kate Spade Tea Party


As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

Hi, I’m Debi Lilly. This is the most beautiful table. This is our Kate Spade Tea Party. We are here tonight at Bloomingdales throwing all sorts of wedding and party trends. I love this table. It’s so cute. Everyone’s been going gaga who walks by.

First, we set the table with BBJ Linen’s checkered linen which is really bright and fun for spring and summer. Then we put in the center of the table the new Kate Spade tea set. We have teapots. We have little coffee pots, little cream and sugars. We stuck up tea cups, and we dropped into each little tea cup a little cupcake with fresh flowers to match from Alicia Cakes. In them, we tuck cute little colorful cards that you can just print right off of http://www.debililly.com for your Kate Spade Tea party. They have cute sayings. They are really fun and girly. It’s a great way to personalize your table and dress it up a little bit.

Last, our menu cards pull in the checkers of the linen. Another great little detail that you can do yourself is to wrap a little twine around your menu. We added each place card or name so people know where to sit at the party, which is a great ice breaker and makes it easy for the guests. Then we have little tea truffles from Bake to the Bakery right here in Chicago, that we put in pretty little boxes again with a great tag.

This is such a happy fun party, and a really great way to set your table. A great theme for any kind of a wedding party, or a summer, spring party.

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