Wedding Reception Ideas

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we’re at Bloomingdales showing all kinds of wonderful wedding and party trends. This is such an elegant, classic, timeless dinner party table. It could be your reception. It could be your rehearsal dinner. It could be any kind of a dinner party, even your birthday party. I love the classic navy. The china is a beautiful brand new Marchesa by Lenox, which is so beautiful.

The china set the theme for the whole table with its crisp blue and white pattern. Then we layered in really beautiful favors from a perfect event tied with ribbon and little place cards. This is a great way to give people a favor, but also mark their place at the table with a little place card.

The centerpiece is so fun, but so classic. It’s a huge gorgeous fern, which is very long-lasting. A really great stylist secret to party flowers is to use plants instead of cut flowers. They’re much more cost-effective, and they’re much longer lasting. We dropped it into a very formal elegant silver-footed bowl. Then we have little potted plants, and beautiful little terracotta garden pots, around the table as well, which is combination of formal and fun together on the table.

The linen from BBJ is just a crisp navy linen, really, really fun, very pretty, great color, works all year round.

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