Rehearsal Dinner Party Ideas

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we are throwing a farmer’s market feast. This is a beautiful wedding trend. A great party trend and perfect all year long, especially in the summer when farmer’s markets are everywhere in your neighborhoods.

We’ve set the table with a bright beautiful aqua blue, very big trend this year. It is a Chevron design with that beautiful zigzag. This is from BBJ Linen. Down the center of the table, we’ve created a market collection using all sorts of neat market baskets and some really beautiful bowls bright with color. These are from our Debi Lily Design Collection at Safeway.

We filled each container with a different type of produce or nut right from the farmer’s market or the grocery. Grocery to gorgeous as they say. We have tomatoes in all different colors. We have all different kinds of nuts. We even took these great little glasses from Debi Lilly Design at Safeway, and filled them with different flavored-breadsticks.

This is a very easy do-it yourself centerpiece that’s fun for people to enjoy at the table. The breadsticks, the little cherry tomatoes, but it also looks gorgeous. It’s full of color. You can put it together yourself very easily, a wonderful trend for weddings, for parties, for spring, for summer, for everything.

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