Decadent Donut Bachelorette Party

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

Hi, I’m Debi with A Perfect Event. Tonight, we are throwing an amazing party with Bloomingdales.

This is our decadent donut dinner, perfect for a bachelorette party. You can see we’ve set the table with BBJ Linen’s Giverny runner. This is a great way to dress up a simple table. We have set ombre flowers, which means they go from light to dark in the same color. We’ve done a really beautiful submerged to leaf inside, which is a great easy floral trend.

Then we set the table with donuts. We have our cake stands. This is a favorite new product Debi Lily Design for Safeway. We filled them with donuts from Glazed and Infused. Little beautiful petite donuts in colors that match the linen, beautiful little donut holes in little cake stands and domes.

We even made beautiful little donut delights cans and jars that you can get right in the grocery store. Fill them with donuts, put a cool little custom tag on, and boom! You’re done with your favors.

Lobster Boil Lovely



Don’t you wish some nights would never, ever end?

A few favorite snaps from our Summer Lobster Boil, Nantucket Harbor.

Popsicle Prosecco…




(colorful, mini popsicles right in the freezer of the grocery aisle)




The climbing roses at Why Knot, Nantucket Harbor set the perfect summer garden party scene.




As do the massive, magnificent Hydrangea bushes…






Lilly, who has declared I have a “cool job”, and she wants to be a party planner when she grows up, snipped stems and arranged them into water glasses for instant centerpieces.






We had two dining tables, and she declared one would be “purple” and the other “blue”.

Genius design detail, age 11.


Cheese board with jams and fruit pastes – including the addictive Plums from Boat Street Pickles.




Charcuterie Board with pate, olives, cherries, pistachio.




Mom’s homemade spiced pears for dessert – ontop vanilla ice cream.




Potatoes scrubbed and ready to boil in every shape, color, size for the 40 gallon lobster pot…




Hydrangeas fill the cottage inside and out…






Mom’s gorgeous picnic dishes set with mugs filled with disposable cutlery for our every growing guest count of – gulp – 26 guests!




Gorgeous summer produce set and ready…




And of course – the bar!  Stocked with local Cisco Brewers, summer Rose and Prosecco.

More to come – wait until you see the lobsters!  And clams!  And shrimp!  Oh my.

What’s your favorite summer party to throw?

Summer Lobster Boil

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 12.41.27 PM


Join us tonight – for our sensational annual Summer Lobster Boil on Nantucket.

Thanks to the legendary Oscar de la Renta, and his fabulous handpainted watercolor new tabletop collection we helped launch with Bloomingdales in spring, our invitation is beyond.

We’re off to stock up on cases of summer cocktails…

Prosecco (served with frozen popsicle stirrers), must sip Rose, summer Chardonnay and more.

Next prepping, setting, dressing – and ready for 18 guests to walk through our garden gate, ages 5 to 75.

And guess what – we’ll snap it all to share – every single decadent detail!


Blushing Bride

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

Hi, I’m Debi Lilly.

We are celebrating the Blushing Bride tonight at Bloomingdales.

This table is all about the soft, beautiful pale tones that you so often see in weddings.

A big wedding trend is beautiful soft shell pink linen. This one is from BBJ Linen.

On top of the table, we have gorgeous flowers that you can see are in these beautiful white ceramic trophy cups.

We have a trio which is a really great wedding trend. Have a couple of centerpieces that people can take home right off of the table like a party favor.

We also tucked in beautiful silver candlesticks, candles, small little votive candles, lots of rose petals.

It’s very romantic and very elegant, and perfect for a bridal party, for a reception, for any kind of party you could imagine.

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