Great Gatsby Party Ideas

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we’re at Bloomingdales for a Gatsby wedding party. Throwing all kinds of beautiful parties for any occasion; wedding, showers, rehearsal dinners, all under one roof for people to see the great new trends.

This is our Great Gatsby Party. Gatsby is back. It is big. We have put together a beautiful table that’s very elegant, and very, very pretty. The linen from BBJ is a white bouquet. You can see how floral and couture it is. It looks like a bridal gown.

We set a cake from Alicia Cakes as the centerpiece on the table, and then around you can see we have beautiful little hardy horns, that’s so very Gatsby. We have great little Vive la France favors for people to take home. Again, a Scott Fitzgerald Paris. This is all about having fun, putting people together at the table, and really celebrating the occasion.

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