Bonjour de Paris!



Oh my – the great, overwhelming joy and excitement of returning to Paris. 




Why do I love Paris?

Oh, just let me count the ways…

The Paris rooftops – so breathtaking.




The magic and sparkle of every single Paris view – everywhere you turn.




The beauty and history of every single building.

Conciergerie is a top favorite, all aglow at night along the river.

Originally, it was royal palace Le Palais de la Cite from the 10th to 14th centuries, but was abandoned by Charles V in 1300s, as he moved across the Seine to the now famous Louvre.

It then became parliament, and next the storied Paris prison.

The kids guess at which tower or turret window Marie Antoinette and Napoleon III were once held in their cells, and devise detailed accounts of how they should have tried to escape, perhaps jumping out windows, to swim away in the river below.




The street lamps so iconic, so beautiful.




The moon over Paris is just majestic.




I have many favorite arrondissement, neighborhoods, but Ile St Louis is at the top.

The streets, so tiny and narrow, so quiet at the far east end where we rent a charming, 16th Century apartment.

It’s just wonderful with children, as it’s a tiny island, with just a few small, short one way streets, very few cars, and home of the world famous Maison Berthillon – ice cream since 1954, being served left and right at every twist and turn.



St Louis is as romantic as it gets.

It’s like living in a Paris movie set.




It’s a perfect love affair with history just walking across any one of the quaint six bridges that connect St Louis to Paris.




Now…do tell…just why do you love Paris?



2 Comments on Bonjour de Paris!

  1. Kathey Bushnick
    July 29, 2013 at 7:31 am (4 years ago)

    Bonjour Debi!
    I have been to Paris many times, but I love seeing it through your eyes. We usually visit the typical sights and museums. I love learning about all the great hidden gems you speak about. We are vacationing in France next June. We are staying in a tiny town 45 minutes outside of Paris, Bailly -Romainvilliers. It’s really charming. I love going to the Boulangerie , Patisserie & farmers market every day!! We take the train into Paris. I will be taking notes regarding all your adventures. We would love to visit the charming shops, restaurants, parks, etc., that you speak about. Such a wonderful experience with your darling children every year!! I’m so jealous mon ami!! La vie est bon!!

    • Debi
      July 31, 2013 at 3:01 am (4 years ago)

      Merci beaucoup Kathey – so excited about your big trip next summer! How goes the graduation party planning back at home? Let us know when we can get the invitations rolling along…

      a bientot,



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