Ile de Glace, Paris



My beautiful Ile St Louis.

Or as les enfants, the children, call it: Island of Ice Cream.

Ile de Glace.

(Our apt is at the oh so quiet east end, right side of this painting.)




Lilly packed loads of back to school prep for our trip – and these to do white boards are used with military precision for our weekly and daily schedules.

To do:  Ice Cream.




When I can finally bear to tear away from the gorgeous turn of the century design and details inside of this glorious apartment…


















This hangs above our bed.

An illustrated map of Paris from 1576.

My how she’s changed…non?






So, as I was saying, when we can all peel ourselves away and outside…




And even then, once outside our front door, I can hardly stop from staring at every single staircase detail…
















Down we go, along the one main street, picturesque Rue St Louis en I’lle.


Arriving into the land of ice cream.

But not just any ol’ ice cream.



The ultimate, end all be all mac daddy of ice cream.






The lines for ice cream at each window can be thirty plus people deep.

And, believe me, it is worth it.

(although, a tip, the lines at the quieter east end of the island, on Rue des deux Pont are always the shortest).


Caramel Beurre Sallee – translated to Caramel Butter Salty – is insanely delicious.

Framboise a la Rose is raspberry rose.

Parker religiously (and this ice cream, is in fact, a true religious experience, ahem) orders Framboise et Vanille.

Lilly is true to her Framboise Vanille Chocolat.












Just as it should be, since:

L’été est la crème glacée!

Summer means Ice Cream!


Peek inside our Ile St Louis apartment!





Shall we step inside our charming, fantasy of a 16th Century Ile St Louis apartment this morning?





The entrance is just too lovely…










I so love the double doors, leading to our apartment door…



Ahem, I have such a major obsession with Paris staircases…

This one takes the oh so quaint cake.








Mon dieu, the amazing 15′ high windows…

The stone walls, the rough hewn beams…






The view out our windows of Eglise Ile St Louis…

I wish you could hear the churchbells chime every hour, from 9a until night.




My dream Paris ceiling!











The kids love hanging out IN the walls…



And maybe best of all, the Seine surrounds us on both sides, and summertime Paris Plages beckons.



Wedding Reception Ideas

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we’re at Bloomingdales showing all kinds of wonderful wedding and party trends. This is such an elegant, classic, timeless dinner party table. It could be your reception. It could be your rehearsal dinner. It could be any kind of a dinner party, even your birthday party. I love the classic navy. The china is a beautiful brand new Marchesa by Lenox, which is so beautiful.

The china set the theme for the whole table with its crisp blue and white pattern. Then we layered in really beautiful favors from a perfect event tied with ribbon and little place cards. This is a great way to give people a favor, but also mark their place at the table with a little place card.

The centerpiece is so fun, but so classic. It’s a huge gorgeous fern, which is very long-lasting. A really great stylist secret to party flowers is to use plants instead of cut flowers. They’re much more cost-effective, and they’re much longer lasting. We dropped it into a very formal elegant silver-footed bowl. Then we have little potted plants, and beautiful little terracotta garden pots, around the table as well, which is combination of formal and fun together on the table.

The linen from BBJ is just a crisp navy linen, really, really fun, very pretty, great color, works all year round.

Bonjour de Paris!



Oh my – the great, overwhelming joy and excitement of returning to Paris. 




Why do I love Paris?

Oh, just let me count the ways…

The Paris rooftops – so breathtaking.




The magic and sparkle of every single Paris view – everywhere you turn.




The beauty and history of every single building.

Conciergerie is a top favorite, all aglow at night along the river.

Originally, it was royal palace Le Palais de la Cite from the 10th to 14th centuries, but was abandoned by Charles V in 1300s, as he moved across the Seine to the now famous Louvre.

It then became parliament, and next the storied Paris prison.

The kids guess at which tower or turret window Marie Antoinette and Napoleon III were once held in their cells, and devise detailed accounts of how they should have tried to escape, perhaps jumping out windows, to swim away in the river below.




The street lamps so iconic, so beautiful.




The moon over Paris is just majestic.




I have many favorite arrondissement, neighborhoods, but Ile St Louis is at the top.

The streets, so tiny and narrow, so quiet at the far east end where we rent a charming, 16th Century apartment.

It’s just wonderful with children, as it’s a tiny island, with just a few small, short one way streets, very few cars, and home of the world famous Maison Berthillon – ice cream since 1954, being served left and right at every twist and turn.



St Louis is as romantic as it gets.

It’s like living in a Paris movie set.




It’s a perfect love affair with history just walking across any one of the quaint six bridges that connect St Louis to Paris.




Now…do tell…just why do you love Paris?



Rehearsal Dinner Party Ideas

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we are throwing a farmer’s market feast. This is a beautiful wedding trend. A great party trend and perfect all year long, especially in the summer when farmer’s markets are everywhere in your neighborhoods.

We’ve set the table with a bright beautiful aqua blue, very big trend this year. It is a Chevron design with that beautiful zigzag. This is from BBJ Linen. Down the center of the table, we’ve created a market collection using all sorts of neat market baskets and some really beautiful bowls bright with color. These are from our Debi Lily Design Collection at Safeway.

We filled each container with a different type of produce or nut right from the farmer’s market or the grocery. Grocery to gorgeous as they say. We have tomatoes in all different colors. We have all different kinds of nuts. We even took these great little glasses from Debi Lilly Design at Safeway, and filled them with different flavored-breadsticks.

This is a very easy do-it yourself centerpiece that’s fun for people to enjoy at the table. The breadsticks, the little cherry tomatoes, but it also looks gorgeous. It’s full of color. You can put it together yourself very easily, a wonderful trend for weddings, for parties, for spring, for summer, for everything.

Great Gatsby Party Ideas

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we’re at Bloomingdales for a Gatsby wedding party. Throwing all kinds of beautiful parties for any occasion; wedding, showers, rehearsal dinners, all under one roof for people to see the great new trends.

This is our Great Gatsby Party. Gatsby is back. It is big. We have put together a beautiful table that’s very elegant, and very, very pretty. The linen from BBJ is a white bouquet. You can see how floral and couture it is. It looks like a bridal gown.

We set a cake from Alicia Cakes as the centerpiece on the table, and then around you can see we have beautiful little hardy horns, that’s so very Gatsby. We have great little Vive la France favors for people to take home. Again, a Scott Fitzgerald Paris. This is all about having fun, putting people together at the table, and really celebrating the occasion.

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