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As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

Hi, I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we are throwing a beautiful engagement party at Hotel 71, up on the 39th floor. This room is so beautiful. It’s for Val Warner and her lucky fiancé Jeff.

We have the whole room set up like a cocktail party, which is a great trend for any kind of party, a wedding, an engagement party, you name it. Dance floor in the middle, DJ is going to be rocking all night, all sorts of cocktail tables, highboy tables like you see here, and then shorter tables with chairs.

My favorite detail tonight is that we personalized the whole color palette all around the bride’s favorite colors. We’ve got turquoise. We’ve got a deep pretty purple, bright beautiful green, hot pink.

The flowers are so fun. They are just drinking glasses, believe it or not just a regular glass. You can pull this out of your pantry for your next party. Fill them with water. We submerged a tea leaf which is a very hot floral trend. Then we have a hydrangea on one side, and orchids on the other, or tulips. There is some variation around the room. This is such an easy design to do sections if you will of your floral, and yet you can make it really beautiful and sheek by using one color, they call it mono-color, in your arrangements.

This one is green. Others are purple. Others are hot pink. It’s a really beautiful look for your party.

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  1. Dena Binegar
    June 19, 2013 at 10:13 pm (5 years ago)

    You are so cool, congratulations on your successes!


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