Engagement Party Decor Trends


As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

Hi, I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we are throwing an engagement party at Top Hotel 71, up in the sky overlooking Chicago. This is such a beautiful room. A great way to make your tables as beautiful as your room is to do our barrel wrap on the highboy table.

What you do is you take a solid linen. This is from BBJ Linen. It’s a Teal Lamour. Hangs to the floor very elegantly, but to make it look like a custom linen, you can take a coordinating color. Here we used an Eggplant Lamour Chair Tie, and you just wrap it around the table using little pins. You just pin all the way around the table every few inches. Usually, we do it about six inches, and it gives you this really beautiful custom look. You can do it in any color palette you love. Instantly dresses things up, and makes it look even more special than a regular linen.

Also, another great trick for your tables is to take a beautiful plate or a charger, and you can drop it right on top of your table. These also are from BBJ Linen. You can use colors that coordinate to your linen, to your flowers, to your overall party. By setting your centerpiece on top, it just makes it look a little bigger, adds a splash of color, adds a little texture. It’s a really great trick that we love to use.

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