Wedding Trends 2013

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

Hi, I’m Debi Lilly with A Perfect Event. Tonight, we’re throwing a live look book, all the cool wedding and party trends for the year starting with the first one, vintage. This is such a big trend. Everything old is new again. You can easily add vintage trends into your tables by setting your linens on the table with a great look that looks very old.

These are from BBJ Linen. This is their Natural Yuma. It looks like burlap. It’s very rustic yet still very sheek. You can instantly glam it up by layering in some beautiful satin ribbons. You can see here we did a pale blush-pink and a pale mint-green, which is one of my favorite color palettes and trends for the year. Add to that BBJ Linen’s beautiful gold-edge chargers which instantly give you a little bling on your table.

You can put together florals in a pale blush-pink, or your favorite color using milk-glass containers in a collection instead of one vase, so really beautiful trend for your tables, layer in lots of pretty vintage candles. These are Moroccan tea cups, but they work beautifully as a votive.

Last, I love personalizing even the chairs for the bride and the groom, for the whole bridal party at the head table. Whatever you like, you can use some burlap flowers. You can use paper flowers. You can add some ribbon. It’s just a really beautiful look on your table.

One of my favorite trends for the year for weddings or parties is emerald. Emerald is the pantone color of the year. Lucky for me, it’s my favorite anyway. I love green.

Here is a beautiful look for your table. We took a BBJ linen Emerald Green Lamour. Over the top of it, we put this beautiful lace overlay. This is a wonderful way to have color, but yet still pull in a really pretty pattern. Pattern is another big trend for the year.

I love doing a collection down the table especially when it’s a long table like this. Another trend, long European banquet tables, or some people call them king’s tables instead of rounds. It’s a great new look. You can do a long collection of little vases. This is a great small little budvase. This really helps take your floral budget farther. You don’t need huge centerpieces. Something smaller actually works better. Believe it or not, you can even repurpose drinking glasses. This is just a water glass. Use it as a vase. Put beautiful mono-floral collections inside, all hydrangeas here, all ranunculus here, all orchids here. That’s called mono-floral.

I also love mono-color which means one color. One color, one flower, lots of vases are really beautiful look for your party no matter what the occasion.

Another great trend for the year, gilded. Everything gilded, dripping in gold, dripping in silver. It’s such a lux look, but it’s so easy to do. This is BBJ’s Pink Champagne Lamour linen. Over it, we put a beautiful gold-sequin overlay, but it looks very old. It looks very sheek. It’s not that typical in your phase sequin. To that, you can add a really beautiful sparkle metallic charger. These are also from BBJ in gold. You can layer on top a beautiful detailed-china that has a little bit of a gilded look to it.

This one has a really pretty Kate Spade S Pattern. Again pattern, another big trend. What’s beautiful is you can layer in votive candles. You can layer in the gilded-edge glasses. You can add it into your favors, your menu, all the pretty little thoughtful details on the table. It’s a wonderful look, gilding.

One of my favorite trends is the Gelato Cart. This is from Frost Gelato in Highland Park. They do over 60 different flavors. You can even customize your flavors. We had a bride and groom she love peanut butter, he love chocolate. We called it the Mr. and Mrs. Mix, and served it right out of the cart.

This cart is so adorable, totally dresses up your party. It’s imported from Italy I believe. How fun is this to serve after dinner or after dancing as a really cool interactive dessert.

Wedding Shower Ideas

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

I am Debi Lilly. Tonight, we’re throwing the most beautiful shower. As you can see, this is the perfect romantic feminine table setting fit for any kind of celebration, from a wedding to a party. Peonies are always one of the favorite flowers. Everybody loves them. They’re so beautiful.

Tonight, we very simply put them into glass bottles, which is a really easy do-it yourself idea, and created a collection down the table, larger bottles, smaller bottles, so simple but yet so beautiful.

The linen on the table is from BBJ Linen. It’s the Champagne Deirdre, which is really glamorous, and instantly adds some style to the table. To me, it looks just like Marilyn Monroe’s dress she wore when singing to Mr. President. Then we did some beautiful custom menus that have a ribbon on them to dress them up and give them a little bit of color, a really great do-it yourself idea for people on the table.

Engagement Party Setup

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

Hi, I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we are throwing a beautiful engagement party at Hotel 71, up on the 39th floor. This room is so beautiful. It’s for Val Warner and her lucky fiancé Jeff.

We have the whole room set up like a cocktail party, which is a great trend for any kind of party, a wedding, an engagement party, you name it. Dance floor in the middle, DJ is going to be rocking all night, all sorts of cocktail tables, highboy tables like you see here, and then shorter tables with chairs.

My favorite detail tonight is that we personalized the whole color palette all around the bride’s favorite colors. We’ve got turquoise. We’ve got a deep pretty purple, bright beautiful green, hot pink.

The flowers are so fun. They are just drinking glasses, believe it or not just a regular glass. You can pull this out of your pantry for your next party. Fill them with water. We submerged a tea leaf which is a very hot floral trend. Then we have a hydrangea on one side, and orchids on the other, or tulips. There is some variation around the room. This is such an easy design to do sections if you will of your floral, and yet you can make it really beautiful and sheek by using one color, they call it mono-color, in your arrangements.

This one is green. Others are purple. Others are hot pink. It’s a really beautiful look for your party.

Engagement Party Decor Trends

As seen on Debi Lilly TV:

Hi, I’m Debi Lilly. Tonight, we are throwing an engagement party at Top Hotel 71, up in the sky overlooking Chicago. This is such a beautiful room. A great way to make your tables as beautiful as your room is to do our barrel wrap on the highboy table.

What you do is you take a solid linen. This is from BBJ Linen. It’s a Teal Lamour. Hangs to the floor very elegantly, but to make it look like a custom linen, you can take a coordinating color. Here we used an Eggplant Lamour Chair Tie, and you just wrap it around the table using little pins. You just pin all the way around the table every few inches. Usually, we do it about six inches, and it gives you this really beautiful custom look. You can do it in any color palette you love. Instantly dresses things up, and makes it look even more special than a regular linen.

Also, another great trick for your tables is to take a beautiful plate or a charger, and you can drop it right on top of your table. These also are from BBJ Linen. You can use colors that coordinate to your linen, to your flowers, to your overall party. By setting your centerpiece on top, it just makes it look a little bigger, adds a splash of color, adds a little texture. It’s a really great trick that we love to use.