Happy Mumsy Day!


Hope you are having the absolute day of your dreams…

Here’s a peek at my perfect Mother’s Day, my four generations from Gigi to Lilly, in front of the world’s perfect candy shop, La Mere de Famille, Paris.

The Mother of Family.

Happiest day to you Gigi, to my Mama, and to everyone mumsy, everywhere.

Thank you to Rosemary Fanti for making my dreams come true for Mother’s Day this year.


5 thoughts on “Happy Mumsy Day!

  1. Hi Debi,

    Looking forward to seeing you on Nantucket soon! I’ve been looking for your blogs from Paris in previous summers, but can’t seem to find them anymore. Have you removed those links or have I missed them? Any help woud be appreciated.
    Best regards, Peg

    • Can’t wait to see you! All should be there – are you searching Paris in the search box?

  2. I saw your darling Gigi and your grandfather today! Sadly, it was at a funeral for one of their friends. My husband officiated at the service. I introduced myself to them (they remembered me), and told them that I knew you and was a huge fan!

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