Meet me in Paris!



Meet me in Paris!

April in Paris is all the rage, so we’ve put together a pretty petite soiree to celebrate.

Join friends The Savoy Flea – everything fabulous french flea you can image – and then some – selling gorgeous Mother’s Day gifts galore.

We did Randolph Holiday Market together in December, and the entire 2 days instead of signing my A Perfect Event books, I was shopping in their stall – grabbing every single item I needed for Christmas, hostessing, and more.

You don’t want to miss their Mother’s Day goods – all for sale – with our gorgeous gift wrap included!

(Today the girls install their window vignette – a ten foot long garland made entirely of vintage french novel pages – c’est parfait, non?

Follow the install yourself – as they work their flea chic magic – on vine, instagram and twitter this morning!

Taste friends Toni Patisserie‘s Paris Sweets and Treats – which – by the way – are all total and complete works of delicate art – almost too beautiful to bite.

And did I mention Mother’s Day goodies?  Just you wait to see what Toni and team are baking up for your May gifting and celebrations – all for sale that night.

Plus cocktail chic with Pierre Ferrand – oh just you wait to see what we’re serving up to celebrate.

And Smilebooth – we have a complete french vintage props kit ready and waiting – you don’t want to miss!

A picture is worth 1,000 words – so grab mom – friends – the kids – family – and bring them in – next Thursday, to Meet me in Paris!



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