Happy Hoppy Easter



Happy happy…

I wanted to share my favorite Easter treat from my mama.

Well, really, Lilly’s favorite treat – her new fluffy chickadee tucked inside…

Perched ontop an oh so chic cerise spring nest…

Popping out the top of a darling french Cafe au Lait, avec le coq.

Cutest gift EVER.

Happy Easter all – cheers to spring.

Spring Magazine Issue Cover Contest

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 10.55.54 AM


Did you see?

Have you heard?

Our new Spring Issue launches Monday, April 1 baby!

We are so excited – and need you…

And your fabulous opinion.

Which cover do you prefer?

Both are so beautiful…we seriously cannot decide.


And, serious special thanks to the grand talents of Matt Savage, AveryHouse, who concepted, shopped, styled and mixologied our entire cover shot upstairs, above A Perfect Event.

One more day to vote – let us know which cover is YOUR cover cocktail!


You're Invited – Great Taste 4 at Room 1520!

GreatTaste4_Room1520_March28 (1)



Just three more days to some delish March Madness – a la Great Taste at Room 1520.

You’ve read about this wedding party in our beautiful book A Perfect Event…

And our lovely magazine – in almost every single issue…

Now, experience Great Taste for yourselves this Thursday, March 28 from 6-9 pm.



Champagne Mixology, bien sur.


Wedding trends!

Party trends!


Just to name, but a few.

We are so excited.

Jumping for joy.

Filled with anticipation.

Come quick, Thursday – we just can’t wait.

Join us, won’t you?

Brides, Bubbles and Bliss Wedding Registry Feature!

Brides, Bubbles and Bliss Wedding Registry Feature!

Happy week-end to you.

We are kicking off our weekend with Poladora’s Wedding Registry Launch, and toasting to what’s now trending: Wedding Registry.

You know us – we love to share our tips and tricks with anyone who will stop long enough to listen.

So, read on for favorite wedding registry trends, in Brides Bubbles and Bliss!


And don’t forget to join us May 1st at the big Brides, Bubbles Bliss soiree, to cheer to May Day, and Carasco Photography’s amazing annual wedding event.

Now, we’re off to celebrate Parker’s birthday – and toast as well to dear friend Art Smith – with the same!