Bacon Jam Love

Bacon Jam Love


Are you jamming this Valentine’s Day, right along with us?

In Seattle last month, we fell in love.


Skillet Seattle, a white hot foodie truck, served us up the most delicious
bacon jam.

First we had it at the Seattle Wedding Show, schmeared on cheddar biscuits.

Next we had it at our beautiful book party, thrown by the lovely ladies
Melissa McClain and Jean Nam in Belltown, schmeared with goat cheese,
tomato and watercress….shown here.

Even MORE delicious – Skillet – you need to add this to your repertoire.

Finally, we devoured every last bite of it, melted into our grilled cheese
and heirloom tomato sammy, at Pike’s Place Market.

A major winner.

Blue ribbon ingredient.

Well, we didn’t think twice.

We dialed Skillet, placed our order, and now this intoxicating gourmet gift
is right on our shelves.

And lucky us – it was featured today, by none other than Susanna Negovan,
editor SunTimes Splash, on ABC news – for Valentine’s gifting.

Order yours now – online – at aperfectevent!…

Or better yet – pop in to see us – we’ll gift wrap it up all gorgeous, no
charge, for your sweet Valentine.

Happy St. V Day to you and yours.

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