Superbowl fun tomorrow, Windy City Live, 9 am

Superbowl fun tomorrow, Windy City Live, 9 am

Join us – won’t you?

We’ve toured the west coast – the east coast – and soon we’re landing –
back home.


Tv party time – my favorite!

Tomorrow morning, 9 am, tune in to Windy City Live, to see all the
seriously super “Bowl” soiree secrets we are spilling.

Sneak peek – Potato Skin Cakes…

The hottest trend going this weekend is bacon, bacon everywhere.

Even your desserts.

Let’s start the annual BaconFest bash a bit early, in January, shall we?

Sweet, savory, and loaded with crunchy, delish potato chips and bacon.

Thanks to our besties and Lincoln neighbors, Swirlz Cupcakes for these –
and even more surprises – tomorrow morning!

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