The CB, A Candy Bar

The CB, A Candy Bar

Sneak peek at our holiday candy bar last night for Chicago Public Schools…

Oh what fun.

Safe to say, I think it was a hit.

My family we love to tuck sweet treats into Christmas stockings…

What does bright colored candy remind you of during this holiday season? Feature – Easy Holiday Tabletop Facelifts! Feature - Easy Holiday Tabletop Facelifts!

Click right over to one of our favorite sites all year round:

Read all about how to easily transform your holiday tabletop – with a fast

Thank you, as always, to Miss Winfrey and her amazing, talented team of
dear friends.

And – drumroll please – everything shown on the table can be yours from
inside the grocery aisles at Safeway/Dominick’s (topiary, ivies and ferns,
silver julep cups, ribbon) – from our Debi LIlly Design collection, or BBJ
Linen for stunning seasonal linens and sparkling charger plates and serving


photo: Debi Lilly Design for Safeway, BBJ Linen

Candy Cocktails and Mixin' Sweets Bar, free holiday printables/downloads!

Candy Cocktails and Mixin' Sweets Bar, free holiday printables/downloads!

4 Steps to a Happy Holiday Mixin’ Sweets Bar – as seen on WGN News****

This time of year we are always filled with happy holiday memories of the
good ol’ Harpo Days, and our festive, fun set decor for the infamous
Oprah’s Favorite Things Show.****

The bright, colorful, sweet celebration brings us to our favorite party
theme this season: The Mixin’ Sweets Bar.

In four easy, affordable steps – you can design this party at home for
friends and family.

Step 1 –

Dress your table to make it colorful – this is a rental linen and rental
charger plates from You can see these instantly add a pop of
color and festive elegance to the table. They deliver, you set the table,
they pickup when you are finished. $10 and up.****

To add height and style to the table, all right from the grocery aisle,
take glass cylinder vases, fill with water, add fresh pine “tips” and fresh
cranberries, and place a floating candle ontop. Within a minute you have
flickering, romantic candlelight in various heights – and candlelight makes
everything soft and inviting. $10 and up, Debi Lilly Design for

Step 2 – ****

Serve a pair of easy, premixed holiday cocktails – complete with printed
recipe cards on display for guests to take home.**

And best of all – we’ve designed the cocktail recipe cards for you! (link
at bottom of post).

Trending this holiday season, in theme with our Dessert Bar:****

Lemon Meringue Pie – with fresh, organic Orange Juice, Lemon Sorbet, Vodka
and Lemon Lime Soda – topped with a floating, white meringue for a touch of

Spice Cookie – Ginger Beer, Kahlua Gingerbread and Rum – top with star
anise and cinnamon stick.****

Pitchers make a self serve, preset bar chic and understandable – with
printed labels for an added touch of detail. These from Room and Board are
a favorite for instant style, and when set on a tray, with glasses, and the
garnish, you are not stuck behind the bar, you are having fun with your

Step 3 –

And the piece de resistance – dessert!****

Guests love to see something new – and try something new – and everyone
loves a little holiday sweet.****

The Mixin’ Sweets Bar is a fast, easy, elegant dessert bar – because you
can rely on delicious, premade bakery cake, pie, sweets – so you aren’t
baking for days on end – instead you and the kids create the big food trend
– custom toppings – making each guest a part of the fun.****

Start with a selection of holiday Baker’s Square desserts, starting at
$11.99 and up:**

· Candy Cane Pie

· Brownies****

· Carrot Cake****

· Harvest Berry Galette

· Sugar Cookies ****

· Carmel Apple Pie

· Holiday French Silk Pie

Step 4 –

Serve low fat, healthy topping options like a trio of sorbets and frozen
yogurts (frozen greek yogurt – full of protein!) displayed inside large
bowls full of ice (easy to prearrange and keep cold in freezer or outside
until guests arrive), fresh berries (full of vitamins!), fresh mint, dark
chocolate (rich in antioxidents!), S’more Crunch, Peppermints, Gingerbabies
and more for fun, festive flavorful additions. ****

All of these menu items are custom designed into recipe cards, buffet food
tags and more just for your next party – right on our blog – to download,
print, and display.

Click here:

Other favorite recipes, decor and so much more holiday inspiration are
inside the holiday issue of our magazine:

Candy Cocktails and Mixin' Sweets Bar, WGN News, Tuesday morning, 8:45 am!

Candy Cocktails and Mixin' Sweets Bar, WGN News, Tuesday morning, 8:45 am!

Wakey wakey…

Tuesday morning, rise and shine, 8:45 am, and tune into WGN News as we
share, DIY and share holiday party trends galore.

We’re sharing instant tabletop style…

Serving up candy inspired cocktails…

Sharing the hot holiday trend: custom mixin’ sweets bars…

Complete with cakes, pies, cookies, and "healthy", colorful frozen greek
yogurts, sorbets, fresh berries, mint, dark chocolate and more.

See you in the morning – we’ll be sporting our holiday sparkle.

photo:, Room 1520, from the pages of our magazine holiday

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