Lovely, lovely Les Miserables

Lovely, lovely Les Miserables

All I wanted for this Christmas, was to go see Les Miserables.

Just the VERY minute that it opened in theaters.

Have you been?

Did you fall madly, deeply in love?

In love with Victor Hugo, all over again?

In love with France?

In love with a heart wrenching, tear jerking (for almost three hours) tale
of struggle, of strife, of pain and suffering?

Yet, also, beautifully, at the very same time, a story filled with love,
with beauty, and above all, with hope?

You must go.

It is just beyond.

Having seen it many times on Broadway – from London to New York to every
single time it passes through Chicago – I can say – as a superfan – that it
exceeds any expectation.

The scenery.

The costumes.

The music.

The beauty of every single amazing historic detail.

I plan to go again tomorrow.

Vive la France.

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