Happy New Year at Daily Buzz

Happy New Year at Daily Buzz

Are you ready?

Time to turn on the fun for tonight’s New Year’s Eve festivities.

The counting down has begun.

Thanks to Daily Buzz Moms for featuring our Lemon Meringue Pie cocktails
today – not only did we love the share, but we now have six plus new fave
cocktails to serve up tonight.

Read on: moms.dailybuzz.com/cheers

Cheers to 2013!

Snowy Sunday at the Shore

Snowy Sunday at the Shore

One day left, to celebrate 2012.

And just how did you while away your last Sunday of the year?

Ours, out east, was sunny, snowy and scenic down at the shore.

Drives through the snow covered Connecticut woods along the winding river…

Kids counting massive icicle covered rock cliffs along the road…

An afternoon with dear friends we haven’t seen since summer in Paris…

Wrapped up with milkshakes, burgers, and fries at my favorite seat
anywhere, anytime – a good ol’ diner counter.

Happy eve of the eve, everyone.

One more day – make it count.

It's Time…

It's Time...

December 29th already.

How did that happen?

We’re tucked in, warm and snug, in Connecticut.

Snowstorm coming.

Is it a white Christmas in your neighborhood?

Time to stock up.

Bubbles for dinner, for the weekend, for New Year’s Eve.

What are you going to toast with this holiday?


Lovely, lovely Les Miserables

Lovely, lovely Les Miserables

All I wanted for this Christmas, was to go see Les Miserables.

Just the VERY minute that it opened in theaters.

Have you been?

Did you fall madly, deeply in love?

In love with Victor Hugo, all over again?

In love with France?

In love with a heart wrenching, tear jerking (for almost three hours) tale
of struggle, of strife, of pain and suffering?

Yet, also, beautifully, at the very same time, a story filled with love,
with beauty, and above all, with hope?

You must go.

It is just beyond.

Having seen it many times on Broadway – from London to New York to every
single time it passes through Chicago – I can say – as a superfan – that it
exceeds any expectation.

The scenery.

The costumes.

The music.

The beauty of every single amazing historic detail.

I plan to go again tomorrow.

Vive la France.

Christmas is…

Christmas is...

My very favorite moment, Christmas Day.





What was your favorite memory?

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