Let them eat Cakes!

Let them eat Cakes!

One more day!

Marie Antoinette Champagne and Let them eat Cake Fete, T-24.5 hours.

(Well, I am in San Francisco, on Pacific Time).

We simply cannot wait.

How will we ever sleep?

Like little french renaissance artisans, we will be transforming our studio
from everyday elegance to Versailles all night, all morning, all day

Sneak peek du jour, this one from Swirlz Cupcakes.

With Catherine working overtime in our studios designing the picture
perfect period paper doll cake toppers (and cutting…ooh la la the scissor
skills for the cutting.)

And you think they LOOK darling, and delicious?

Wait until you TASTE them.

Imagine Vanilla Pink Champagne cakes, paired with Vanilla Moscato Cakes, filled
with luscious Champage Sabayon.


Errrr, as Marie and Louis XVI would say, "Mon Dieu".

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