French Royal-tea Cakes

French Royal-tea Cakes

Sneak Peek day two inside our A Perfect Event eMagazine launch party.



Julius Meinl, you make it so easy to love you.

Look – just LOOK at what Chef Rochelle is baking up for Wednesday’s Marie
Antoinette inspired french fancy fete.
Queen’s Court Cakes, vanilla cookie, buttercream swirled with lemon curd,
toasted coconut, topped with an edible pearl.
I ask you – would Marie herself, surounded by her royal Versailles ladies
in waiting, not swoon over these beauties?
Followed by none other than King’s Chocolate Cakes, dark chocolate cookie
with vanilla cream cheese butter cream, with deconstructed bow tie.
Plus – beautiful blooming bites from Sugar Bliss Cakes, Swirlz Cupcakes,
Toni Patisserie, and more.
Two more days.
"Let them eat cake".
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