Summer Sorbets

Summer Sorbets

Me again.

With more Melon de Cavaillon.

Here’s a peek at my glorious third course, desert, en terrasse a Hotel de Crillon, Crillon la Brave, high atop Provence.




This, is what la vie de Provence brings each day.

This is inspiration.

We can all whip this up.

No excuses.

Minutes to serve.

Perfectly elegant yet – no cook recipe.

For your next celebration – try it – and share the story of summer’s bounty, the perfect, plump Melon de Cavaillon en Provence.

Grows in fields baked in the south of France sunshine, and tastes better than candy.

Healthy, fresh, gluten free, gorgeous.

Melon de Cavaillon

Melon de Cavaillon

Shall we market this morning, en Avignon?

Oui, svp.

We are off to Marseille to beach club the day away, and need a bit of fruits for our beach bag.

I must confess.

I am so very deeply in summer love.

Are you in love too, with summertime?

In love with the sight, sounds, and tastes of summer?

Here in Provence, they are famous for so many summertime pleasures…

Surely they are too numerous to count.

But I have a favorite.

Melon de Cavaillon.

I promise you, I have never tasted something so perfect.

Isn’t is just amazing, that something plucked ripe from the south of France soil…

sliced open right on your counter…

immediately popped into your mouth…

can taste like heaven?

No recipe.

No ingredients.

No cooking.

No flavoring.

Melon is used absolutely everywhere in France – on every menu.

Melon de Cavaillon et Watermelon Soup.

Melon Gazpacho avec Sorbet Menthe, served with cripsy proscuitto.

Melon avec glace et fruit rouges for dessert.

I could go on, and on, and on.

Just like the pleasures of summer en Provence.

More to come, a bit further south, along the coast of the brilliant bleu of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dejuner, Castillon du Gard

Dejuner, Castillon du Gard

What a view, non?

Le Vieux Castillon en Provence is a haven of tranquility…

Not even kidding.

You have NEVER heard such quiet.

Not a word.

Nor a whisper.

Just the wind, and the clouds moving overhead.

Yep, and here we come – two little chatty American monkeys in tow.

Bon chance.

Wish me luck.

Le Vieux Castillon

Le Vieux Castillon

Bonjour de Avignon…

Ca va?

Shall we have a world class Provencal lunch together today?

Oui, bien sur.

Today is Wednesday, which menas we are off to the legendary Pont du Gard,
and being seated hillside on the windswept terraces of Le Vieux Castillon.

Le Vieux Castillon sits atop the Renaissance village of Castillon du Gard,
a magical setting oozing with poetic charm, just west of Avignon.

Golden stone patios…hilltop terraces…views of cypress and olive
groves…and an all time French favorite of les enfants – Boules!

Now, the piece de resistance is the chef, Christophe Ducros, who spent
years training at 1 and 2 star Michelen restaurants in Lyon, Courchevel and

I ask you – have you ever seen a more gorgeous dessert? And where – oh
where – dear Chef, mon cheri, do we source these triple stack sweets towers?

Stay tuned for the full dejuner – lunch diary…

More Moroccan must haves from Provence

More Moroccan must haves from Provence

We would NEVER have been able to resist these, non?

The price was a bit too high, when we asked Monsieur his "meilleur prix".

I am trying to buy small, to buy light, and to somehow fit all of my must
haves from France back in our three tiny carry on suitcases.

(We are here six weeks, and are move around five different times. As it is
just the children and me for over half the trip, we have to keep ourselves
the utmost mobile!)

So, Lilly and I moved on, and perused and wandered a few stalls further

Well – Monsieur – my new best friend – came running over a few moments
later – and said he’d sell them to us for less, and also throw in the set
of 12 small Luminarc juice glasses we had our eyes on.


Brocante Goods

Brocante Goods

Here’s a peek at our first treasure, first Brocante, from our week-end in

Bubbled, wrapped, and packed en la valise – suitcase – for our fabulous
fall parties.

Yes, yes, I know.

I just can’t resist a moroccan teacup – for flickering votives, beautiful
bud vases, verrines, and more!

We sure wish we could magically transport them to Chicago today for our
huge – amazing – fantastique Pinterest photo shoot on Wednesday…

Stay tuned for loads of looks behind the scenes.

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