Tea Party Time

Tea Party Time

Oh what fun it is to plan a summer garden tea party…

Especially fun when said summer fun party is for the nationally renowned,
uber inspiring Women on Fire.

And even more so, when held inside the gorgeousness that is the newly
renovated Ritz Carlton Hotel, Chicago.

Cheers to summertime celebrations – with girlfriends, boyfriends, family
and friends.

Now – back to packing – can you imagine our joyful state of glee – we fly
off tomorrow for Paris!

New Year, New Friends

New Year, New Friends

Hard to peel myself away from darling Kate and Claire.

They helped keep me company all day long, and when far, far away from my babies nothing makes you feel more at home than cherishing someone else’s sweet little girly girls.

As soon as the shot was finished, Kate, age eight, popped right into the set, and started quizzing me on:

Favorite Beiber song…

Who’s my fave 1D (One Direction, ahem)

Answer, bien sur – HARRY.

Hers too – how silly are we?

Ddid I yet see the new Katy Perry in 3D…

and many many more eight year old world culture headlines.

They also serended me with Adele, which they both sing perfectly, like the two petite ‘lil angels that they are.

Love you girls!

Twas hard to say goodbye.

A bientot…come see me soon in Chicago.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am quite sure that this is my reaction, when after an entire day of
massive fun…

Creating, designing, placing, fussing, foufing (and of course, I only speak
of the fantastic flowers!).

(and the incredibly chic grocery to gorgeous home decor).

They snapped the last shot, checked the clock and said, "It’s a wrap!"

"The end."

"Time to get you back to the airport."

Say what???

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Super Sneak Peak…

Say hello and happy happy to our crazy gorgeous new DL Design holiday
collection…arriving in Safeway Dominick’s stores this fall/winter.

Clearly, I am so obsessed, I am madly snap snap snapping away, making sure
I have an insant record of EVERY FABULOUS THING myself instead of smiling
for the camera.


Tech Talk

Tech Talk

How cool is modern technology?

Imagine snapping a test shot, and immediately overlaying it on screen in mere seconds with the creative developed for holiday campaigns.





Love my Safeway Dream Team!

Ho Ho Holiday

Ho Ho Holiday

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

And I am like a kid on Christmas morn with the brand new, amazing,
gorgeous, elegant, oh so classic and chic DL Design Safeway holiday

Everything here on this magnificent mantle – right in the grocery aisles of
Safeway Dominick’s this winter season.

From wreaths, to ribbons, to winterberry votives, to red rose bouquets and
arrangements, to boxwood topiary, to mercury glass candlesticks and


Jump for joy.

Best Day Ever.

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