Left Bank Love

Left Bank Love

Ahhh…the twisting lanes and narrow buildings of mon prefere – my favorite
– arrondissement in of all of Paris.

Bright, sun drenched buildings covered in colorful flower boxes…

Oversize french doors soaring up to the sky, story atop story, with wrought
iron juliette balconies painted in glossy black lacquer…

It is perfection, at every single old world turn.

The Left Bank is medieval Paris – while the Right Bank is a bit more
modern, with beautiful, but large buildings – if you can even call this
gorgeous, turn of the century buildings "modern".

Strolling along lazily, we three pass by trees planted in the 1600s, in
charming public squares, where the Sun King himself, Louis XIV would have
been in attendance.

In the 1200s, Notre Dame was almost complete, Sainte Chapelle had just been
built, Sorbonne was quickly becoming the university in Europe…

Turning quaint corners reveal teeny tiny winding streets, named in Medieval
days for the small shops and craftsmen who set up boutiques and shops
there: rue de la Bucherie – butcher, rue de la Harpe, rue de Beaux Arts…

I just cannot, ever, get enough.

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