La Terrasse Georges


Le Georges is such a fun, full on Paris dining experience, you need to see it step by step.

So, let’s take you on the full, grand tour de Georges, atop Centre Pompidou.

Errr – atop the hamster tube – as les enfants say.

That’s right – we are going to the tippy top.

Upon arrival, simply look for the red carpet de Georges, near the front door to le musee – museum.



I’ve never met a museum store I didn’t like…have you?



The view as you escalate up and up is just breathtaking.

I may enjoy each step – and find it even more fun than the kids do…



As you approach the roof, your view becomes more and more magical.

La Tour Eiffel!



Sacre Coeur!



At last, upon reaching the 6 etage – floor – the restaurant is in view.

I recommend making a reservation in advance, easily done online, and asking for a seat at the edge of the terrasse, or inside at the window in foul weather.

8:30 pm is ideal in summer, as the sun sets around 10 pm.  Crazy, I know.



I am quite obsessed with:

1.  The 24″ red roses, suspended in air atop each table.



2.  The models turned waitstaff.  Where do they FIND these young men and women?  It’s like fine dining on the catwalks of Paris.




3.  Always, always bringing busy books to nice restaurants to keep les enfants busy at the table: Crosswords, Mazes, Hidden Pictures by Highlights, Sketchbooks – just to name a few  (and lots of pens and crayons).



4.  Notre Dame – such a masterpiece – almost 200 years to build – begun in 1100.  It is simply a total and complete marvel.



5.  The fancy restaurant name:  Georges Abstraction Surface Air.  What does that mean exactly?  We spend most of dinner pondering this topic.



6.  The strange aluminum space ship like structures inside the dining room, housing the bar, private dining spaces, kitchen, WC – bathrooms.


As we place our order – the sun begins to set.  The rosy glow creates a spectacular setting as we sip Vin Rose (me), et Schweppes (les enfants).



The food at Georges is fantastic.  There is something for everyone – including eight and ten year olds.  (Note – American families that don’t want too late or long a dinner, here’s a trick: have the kid’s entrees come with your first course, and their dessert with your entree.  Then you enjoy a fabulous dinner, but it doesn’t go into the wee bedtime hours).



Lilly has inherited my love for Poulet au Curry – Chicken Curry.



Parker has proclaimed this the best Penne in all of Paris.  Lilly and I concur.  Whole heartedly.  It is to die for.



I try to branch out a bit, but I simply love their Salade de Burrata avec Quatre Colore Tomate.  So, here I go again.  (and ps – the jaune – yellow are hands down the best).



The Crevettes avec du Risotto is another favorite – with Tulle Parmesan and Frit au Basilique – fried basil.



And of course, les enfants must end every meal with Sorbet Framboise.  And tonight, a delicious Tulle Amande.




The view, believe it or not, just gets better, and better, as you linger at the table.

At 10 pm, she sparkles.  La Tour Eiffel that is.  We’re on a “she” to we basis.



I am totally, completely, obsessed with Paris rooftops.



The moon comes out…



The sun sets…



The terrasse becomes even more stunning.



And then – at 10:15 – the piece de resistance – the monuments light up in tandem – across the entire skyline of Paris.



Sacre Coeur enchants La Butte de Montmartre…



And when finished with dinner – you get to ride the escalators all the way back down.



It’s very Space Mountain-y.



Oui – yes, he’s going up the down escalator in many of these.

French children don’t go up down escalators, bien sur, tut tut.



And at last, down to the ground.



Moon over Centre Pompidou.



Like up in the air, atop Paris, en Georges, art even surrounds you at the base of Pompidou as you exit.



Bon nuit, Le Georges.

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