Do you Georges?

Do you Georges?

We Georges.

And often.

Every single chance we can get.

This is the sunset view over Paris, from my too cool for school kids’
favorite rooftop restaurant – Le Georges, atop Centre Pompidou.

Last August, they insisted this be our last meal in Paris.

I argued.

They won.

Last night, they insisted we climb to the top for our first big dinner
adventure in Paris.

I agreed fully, in unison.

(we had tubs and a picnic in our bathrobes in bed the first night – as we
were all much too jetlagged to keep our eyes open!)

Parker, age eight, remembered his plate of Penne Rigate down to the tiny
cherry tomatoes floating ontop.

Lilly, age ten, HAD to have not one, but two orders of her favorite Poulet

(trust me, we only ordered one. but she BEGGED for a second helping.)

Could you imagine a more exquisite setting?

Here’s the trick, for your next trip:

1. Make reservation for 8:30 p (easy to do online) and request table along
edge of terrace, or window inside in winter
2. Savor every gorgeous inch to the top as you escalate up, up, up to the
roof, inside the "hamster tube" as the kids say
3. Marvel over how they have 24" tall red roses standing straight up at
every single table in test tubes.
4. Order anything and everything from the models – errrr – waiters. The
food is absolutely fabulous.
5. Sunset, 9:45 ish pm. C’est magnifique. Takes your breath away.
6. Monuments light up – in unison – across the ENTIRE view of Paris –
10:15. J’adore.
7. Stand up, stuffed to the gills with food, frolic, and family, recede
back down hamster tube, soaking in views from Sacre Coeur to Les Invalides.

For more amazing visual Le Georges delights, click here:

For the uber modern webcams de Pompidou, click here:

What do you want the kids to share with you demain – tomorrow?

A bientot!

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