Book Launch Love


I have been left speechless.

Since Tuesday, I have wanted to share all the beyond beautiful details from our Book Launch…

But I couldn’t speak.



I spent the entire day walking on cloud nine.

To be prepping and loading and driving to OUR VERY OWN book launch…

It was just bigger than I could wrap my head around.



The entire idea of the party was such a dream.

The hostess, the most dear of clients for ten years running now, wanted to celebrate the book in her gorgeous, sunny home, sharing our work among friends and family.



The partners that joined us to celebrate were such a dream team – we couldn’t even breathe for excitement.

Toni Patisserie – the Paris Petite Pastry Bar was something I have oogled over for weeks on end, every minute of every day, while walking among the rues and avenues in Paris.

It was just beyond magnificent.



Jason Geil, your photography literally captured every single, awe struck emotion running through the party.

This one above is a major favorite.

I loved watching and hearing every single guest as they walked into the Summer Garden Party – and this sums it all up perfectly.



Revae and Femme du Coupe

Oh, where to begin?

I am quite sure that your Summer Garden Cocktail Bar will absolutely, positively, NEVER be forgotten.

I know that personally, the entire week long, I have craved your Raspberry Cilantro Ete Framboise.



And last, but not least, Elaina, Boutique Bites.

Where to begin?

First, look at you silhouette style above – ow ow!

Smoking hot chef extraordinaire – in the house!



And what I love most about Elaina, is that her heart and her food is just as beautiful as she is.

The mouthwatering menu – which everyone devoured – ever so daintily – but of course – was brilliant.



Fig Media – we cannot WAIT to see your super cool video creation.  Thank you!

And of course, to our team at A Perfect Event, who busted out divine details 24×7 in between so many other important parties and celebrations.

Rachel Schwanz, Catherine Fitzpatrick, Jessica Reagan, Inga Evenchick…you are all so important to every element of our booming business.

So there you have it.  It took me two days, but I can finally form a few words.

Some grateful sentences.

Without waterworks, all over my keyboard, just trying to muster up my emotions and my sincere appreciation.

For Jason Geil’s full post, click here:

So many book parties coming up in June/July – stay tuned!

A bientot…

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