Coming up Roses

Coming up Roses

Friends – May is upon us – and what does that mean?

Derby Day!

I grew up loving horses.

Couldn’t get ENOUGH of horses.

My grandpa, the country large animal vet, had a shadow when I visited him
in Ohio.

And he had Shetland ponies on his farm, where I fell in love with ponies –
ontop of the horse crush.

For years I said I would buy a horse before I would buy a car.

When I graduated college, for the very first time I road tripped with
roommates to Louisville, and did the Derby.


Well, fast forward dozens of years, and city living later, and you can just
say The Kentucky Derby, in all it’s glory, now rises to the top of party

So, this week is a BIG week, bien sur.

And look what JUST arrived!

Roses in every possible hue to arrange in silver loving cups, trophies,
julep cups…and we’re just getting started.

Tune into WGN Wednesday, May 2nd at 8 am for our Derby Party planning tips
and tricks, and to learn all about our big, beautiful Kentucky Derby
Celebration Event with our favorite neighbor, Rockit Burger Bar in

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