Public Party

Public Party

Here we go – the night – tonight – has finally arrived.

I am so smitten for Public Hotel.

I could move right in, and stay forever. My own little Eloise en famille, with all four of us fawning all over the white marble, chandelier centric lobby without a care for the outside world.

And how fabulously designed is our 50th soiree tonight in the Salons above said lobby?

Just as all white and uber chic as the first floor – we are ready to get our groove on – all night.

Seeing Spots!

Seeing Spots!

What’s on tap for your wonderful weekend?

We here at A Perfect Event are seeing spots.

And stars.

And greek key patterns.

It is a big, B-I-G birthday party weekend.

First up, Craig’s 50th tomorrow at Public Hotel.


So totally, completely excited for the gorgeous, cool, modern, lemon and charcoal decor.

We have been dipping birch branches into sunshine yellow paint…

Creating a colorful custom candy mix for "Thank you and Good Night" favor boxes…

(including Chicago’s own Lemonheads, bien sur)

just to name a few.

And THEN there is Sunday.

My Gigi’s 85th Birthday Celebration.

The kids and I have been planning this day for months and months – starting over holiday break in December.

I can’t hint or even sneak a tiny peek…since she’s our blog’s biggest follower.

Stay tuned for all the beauty.

Back to work we go.

Spring Flair Feature on Daily Buzz Luxe


Let’s start our day with some fun flair.

Thinking spring.

We love our Daily Buzz Luxe girls – check out our Spring Flair feature here.

and macarons…

our fave desk obsession – Oimoi…

and NYC in bloom…

and all those pretty spring prints!

the wrap!

the pants!

the dress!

Spring, you have sprung.

Merci beaucoup.


Oh so Vogue


We’ve been celebrating all DAY over here.

Our gorgeous, stunning, sweet, chic, fashion design icon of a beautiful bride, Elise Bergman is the home page of British Vogue today!

All the way across the pond!


Double ahhhhhh!

Street chic has never looked so effortless.

She’s the vision of beauty – not a stich of makeup  – (ever) – layering her own feminine yet tailored designs with of a pair of Levis, while carrying her mom’s cherished hand me down   purse.

I need to order that FW12 coat stat.Have you perused her gorgeous studio, inside Roslyn, on Damen in beautiful Bucktown?

It is heavenly.

Bravo Elise.

Well deserved.

Couldn’t possibly EVER happen to a nicer person.

And I shall continue hoping on my prayer for the last several years…

In my next life, please oh please let me come back a Bergman.

The most talented, kind, caring, generous, lovely family I have ever had the great pleasure to work…and fall head over heels madly in love with.

Click here for the whole Vogue UK fash scoop.

Love ya Elise.  And Colin!  And fam!

Do you Coco?


How about a little frenchy film for petit dejuner – breakfast, with Coco Rocha in Paris?



Beautifully filmed at all of my fave spots about town…



We all know how happy a girl with a bouquet of giant balloons is…



Ahhh…if only.

In black tie…hand in hand along la Seine…doesn’t get any better.



The credits is quite fabulously, a complete and total who’s who of fashion luxury.

To watch the gorgeous, mouthwatering film, click here.

A bientot…off to a glorious, happy, spring Chicago day – including dejuner – lunch – at my favorite frenchy cafe Floriole.

Bien sur!

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

Happy first day of spring – and may I say we’ve never had a happier,
warmer, more beautiful first day or start to the season in Chicago.

It sure feels like spring has been here for sometime now – which is heaven.

(I am sure that is NOT politically correct to say…but it IS pure joy to
wake up to sunshine, birds and blooming branches in my bedroom each March

All through the Easter holiday we will be layering florals into Wheatgrass

from cut orchid bouquets arranged in vases…

to potted flowering plants…

It is such an elegant, yet effortless nod to the season.

A gorgeous table – in an instant – that lasts for weeks.

Now that’s a happy look in your home for spring.

Happy happy…

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