Orchid Trees in Bloom


Well…not really, silly.

Of course orchids don’t grow on trees.



But last night, for our Arabian Nights corporate soiree in Oakbrook, they sure did.

We transported hundreds of guests deep into the heart of Persian, Northern African, and Middle Eastern cultures through thousands of orchids, votives, patterned fabrics, hundreds of lanterns, and more.

Tables were set with firey ornate mosaics, brocades and damasks in vivid hues from purple to red to blue to green fromĀ BBJ Linen

Jewel toned uplighting adorned walls, with a deep purple wash over the white vinyl dancefloor…

Heart pounding music with tar, lute, drums, tamborine…

Roast Lamb, Curried Veg, spiced Cous Cous and more.



Manzanita branch trees were adorned with blooming Dendrobium Orchids, Mokara Orchids, Jamestorie Orchids…



In purple, pink, green, orange, red…

Surrounded by hundreds of moroccan lanterns with colored, cut work textured glass panes.

Which in turn were surrounded by a dozen colored glass votives per table in vibrant hues of purple, blue, red and pink.

I won’t tell you how long it took to light almost a thousand candles…

Needless to say, our right hands are suffering from aim flame carpal tunnel today.

We suffer for our art – now don’t we?



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