Birthday Blooms

Birthday Blooms

Beautiful bulbs abound today – in Gigi’s favorite Daffodil blooms.

Daffodil Days on Nantucket is one of her alltime favorite family celebrations – so we created one an entire month early – right in her own dining room to honor her 85th Birthday.

The table is set with our new DL Design vases filled with almost two hundred sunny, happy Daffys.

True story – the one hundred plus daffodils weren’t open yet late yesterday – even though we had them under hot chandeliers and near windows inside the store all day.

We packed them up for the night, put them in the trunk, and ordered another one hundred that were all open – to add into the arrangements for bright, sunshiney color.

This morning, when we arrived, we pulled the tight, closed daffys out of the car and – voila! Every single one of the one hundred blooms was fully open, gorgeous and ready for the party.


In the back of a dark car overnight?

Who knew?

This morning we added in another hundred blooms – and boom – Daffy Days is here in Montpelier for Gigi to enjoy all week long.

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