March Chicago Social Feature


It’s here!

We’ve been on cloud nine for months now…just waiting for this very day.

Check out our fun. raining rose petals feature in the March issue of CS here.

Thank you so very, very much to Lauren Viera, to CS and to Anthony Tahlier, photographer extraordinaire.

What a thrill!

Fashion Fete

Fashion Fete

Maybe it’s last night’s Red Carpet…

Or the crazy non-stop Oscar best dressed coverage all over twitter and social media today (even NPR!).

I am totally obsessed with our NY Fashion Week Fete custom menus for tomorrow’s WGN Midday Fix – which is a peek at our amazing event Thursday at Bloomingdales – the Pre Wedding Party.


Now…what to wear…

Tune into WGN tomorrow, 11:30 am

Tune into WGN tomorrow, 11:30 am

Let’s do lunch.

En Vogue.

Tomorrow, 11:30 am means lunch with us on WGN Midday.

Sneak a peek into our Pre-Wedding Party with Bloomingdales this Thursday, at Bloomingdales Home.


A NY Fashion Week Fete…

Spring in Bloom…

Ladies Lemonade Stand Luncheon…

Join us, won’t you?

And of course – on Thursday as well – 6-8 pm.
Bloomingdales Home, Bridal Registry, and our dozen wedding and party vignettes for spring await.

Red Hot

Red Hot

Sneak peek part two.

Another red carpet design debuting tonight during Oscar’s big night.

Our favorite Mokaras, in red, with a cuff of chic Charlotte Roses, arranged
in angular, a la statue, hand painted gold glass vases.

And the winner is…

Which fabulous floral your pick tonight?

And the Oscar goes to…

And the Oscar goes to...

At long. long last…Oscar’s red carpet is officially open.

The parties are on.

Who are YOU wearing?

In honour of our favorite fashion icon, Valentino, today we designed dark
as velvet, crimson roses for our Oscar Red Carpet parties.

Wearing of course, statuesque, gold ceramic just for the occasion.

Now…back to E! Red Carpet reporting.

Mango Misc

Mango Misc

Every gorgeous dinner party is all about the details…

Bien sur.

For Lucille’s 90th we calligraphied mango tablecards, custom designed
layered, scalloped tablenumbers to mimic the vase’s carved crystal textures.

Now – today – Sunday – Oscar day!

Want to see a sneak peek of our red carpet roses – dressed and ready for
their close ups?

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