Leapin' Library Love

Library Love

Tonight we threw one big beautiful party to celebrate Leap Year, and the anniversary of one of our favorite caterers, Boutique Bites.

Elaina, Chef extraordinaire and owner, absolutely loves peonies…(who doesn’t?  right ladies?) so in her honour we covered every tabletop in the front of the studio from end to end with her favorite pale pink and white peonies massed in vintage milk glass and crystal.

Elaina also loves hydrangea…so we dressed the library in a monochromatic
white on white palette, so her food presentation would pop and become the
only color in the room.

Bathed, of course, in the glow of hundreds of votive candles, from sidewalk
window to library book cases.

Peonies in Vogue

Peonies in Vogue

You saw the before, while we inhaled pink pastel Peonies for breakfast…

Here is the after.

I can’t stop staring. These were hands down my favorite piece featured in
our Wedding and Party Trends on WGN Midday Fix today.

What I can’t decide is this…which cover is more stunning?



Let’s pick a best dressed NY Fashion Fete floral, shall we?

Lemonade Love

Lemonade Love

Move over spring – we’re ready for summer.

A pretty picnic is set for the ladies to linger over a Lemonade Stand Lunch.

Peony Breakfast

Peony Breakfast

This is our power breakfast this morning.

Pre WGN taping – we devoured bunches upon bunches of barely blush pink peonies – designing them in iconic Vogue cover decoupaged vases.


Tune in – 11:30 am.

NY Fashion Cakes

NY Fashion Cakes

We all know fashion plates.

But have you met fashion cakes?

A la our Lincoln neighbor, Swirlz Cupcakes?

Soon to strut their stuff on our NY Fashion Week wedding party vignette on WGN Midday, 11:30 am.

Tune in, to see them accessorized and dressed to the nines.

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