Pier Peeking

Pier Peeking

Look no further than the Piers to fantastically fall, just like Alice, smack dab into Elle Decor.

Situated in oh so scenic style, on – errr – IN The Hudson River, they turn design trends on their ear year after year at NYGift.

Furniture, lighting, tabletop, upholstery, decor, gift, props and scenery – it’s literally ALL there.

Dressed to kill.

My heart is racing.

Let me loose in there already…

Bold Black and White

Bold Black and White

Ooh la la – the mustard jars.

And the hobnail votives.

Cannot wait for these to arrive for our spring parties and tables.

And favors.

And gifts.

Oh my.

Antiqued Apothecary

Antiqued Apothecary

We hit the motherload.

I am drooling over these new Apothecary jars, with the most beautiful, etched with French and Italian hotel names, cities, and countries.

How gorgeous are our candy and petite sweets bars, florals and card tables going to be this season?


Mercury on my Mind

Mercury on my Mind

Is it bad to blow my entire NYGift budget on mercury glass EVERYTHING?

Eegads – the beauty of it all – EVERYWHERE I turn.

Handled ice buckets, mini buckets, , loving cups, lanterns, trifle bowls, garlands, perfume bottles…

Just heavenly.

Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Oh happy joy.

What fun it is to physically immerse yourself inside a walking, talking world of design trends for two solid days.

You know all your favorite dreamy decor magazines?

And how you wish that you could somehow magically jump right inside the pages?

Well, all you have to do is wander and walk the miles and miles and endless miles of NYGift each January.

It is so completely, wonderfully exhausting, and such a major rush of observation excess and overstimulation.

I promise, you will be tied over for the next twelve months.

Crate Chic

Crate Chic

Also to arrive within weeks…

These utilitarian wooden French wine crates – perfect for stacking and filling with moss to display tablecards, favors…

Fill with thoughtful gift collections from bath and body, to gourmet, to everything for the perfect bridal party or hostess gifts.

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