Superbowl Sweets

Superbowl Sweets

Have you ever seen an edible football field?

We haven’t.

But, that’s why our job is so much darn fun.

Every day, another new party planning adventure.

Here is a peek at what we’re designing for tomorrow’s Superbowl Soiree, on

Be sure to tune in at 5:50 am, and check out our cool NY and NE Superbowl
cookies, by the talented Jessica, Clearly Cookies ready for play on the

Tune into ABC7 tomorrow morning for our SUPERbowl Soiree

Tune into ABC7 tomorrow morning for our SUPERbowl Soiree

Sneak peek – we are designing, printing, cutting, and producing for a
TOUCHDOWN tomorrow morning with our friends at ABC7.

Tune in, 5:50 am, to see all of our SUPERbowl Party ideas.

And we’re not playing…

We’ll DIY a pigskin tabletop…

Whip up Beer Shakes – the hottest new craft trend in NYC.

Share our favorite Entertaining Company’s fab football foodie trends…

and of course create an edible football field with Clearly Cookies’s styled

Last – don’t miss our reveal of free A Perfect Event DIY decor downloads –
live tomorrow morning.

Are you ready for some football?

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!

Wrapped up NYGift – da dum dum.

Landed late last night from NY, just in time for what I dare say is the coolest project of my ENTIRE career.

And YOU get a sneak peek…fresh from our soft and sweet baby baker’s rack shelves at A Perfect Event, the hottest celeb baby gifts of the season.

All for…a rockin’ new baby girl.

Inside Interests

Inside Interests

A look behind the greenhouse wall:

Pots, Ivies, Moss, Glass, pastel Mercury Glass, Wire Frames, Birdcages, and more all cleverly displayed within the framework.

Reminds me of the glam greenhouse in the back of Posh, my favorite, FAVORITE store for all things fabulous downtown Chicago on that great State Street.

Staging Style

Staging Style

The creative, trend forward design that goes into the visual product presentation at NYGift is simply beyond.

My favorite: a full scale glass greenhouse, complete with garden hose, grass paths, trimmed topiary, and mossy crumbled plaster walls.

Second favorite: a larger than life Key West Coastal Cottage, bedecked in beach couture from stem to shuttered stern.

Third runner up: a glass windowed Sweet Shop, with pink scalloped awning, glass bakery cases, and behind the counter wall shelves lined from top to bottom with glass candy jars filled with sweet as a treat, polka dotted pastel products. None of them edible!

A Horse of Course

A Horse of Course

We JUST saw this – sans neck/head may I add – at the illustrious Paula Rubenstein, Soho.

A horse, is a horse, is a towering, twelve foot, sculpted driftwood horse of course?

Where oh where is my Day at the Races Derby party when I need one?

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