New Year's Eve Wine Wrap – Free Printable


Happy New Year’s Eve Eve…

Here is a peek at our Last Minute NYEve Tips and Tricks show on ABC this week.

How are you celebrating the Eve of the Eve, and the Eve?

Today we are headed in celebration, up the east coast, from NY to Boston.

Friends, friends and more friends, all with darling, precious little babes we will squeeze and love to pieces for days…we cannot wait to arrive in South End.



These Wine Wraps marked for NYEve are a favorite fast and easy DIY decor for New Year’s soirees.

Whatever the festive gathering may be – a bit brighter we have a free NYEve Wine Wrap printable for you on

Simply print the NYEve calendar onto white standard size 8.5×11 paper, wrap around your wine or champagne bottles, and tie with string or ribbon for the perfect finishing touch.

Happy 2012 to everyone.


Winter-tea Wardrobe

Winter-tea Wardrobe

Is your white porcelain teapot dressed warmly for winter?

There is a frigid chill in the air today in NY, so these East Village teapots are clad in knitted hats and tartan scarves.

Ever so clever, no?

Ludlow Lovelies

Ludlow Lovelies

Lollygagging over, under, up, down and all around Ludlow…

and Stanton, Rivington…

and cute as a button Clinton…

This simple, flea chic window vignette of vintage soda crates, oversize mason jars filled with antique taupe Ranunculus and Tulips, rustic garden folding chairs, my favorite sugar pine cones, old pastel glass bottles…

Stopped us in our tracks.

Noses pressed to the windowpane – we are sure inside they said to each other, giggling, "just how many pictures of one window is she going to take?"

Clever Cubes

Clever Cubes

Don’t you just love to explore boutiques, bakeries and boulongeries for inventive design and display ideas?

The LES is an all time favorite to meander as it chock full of itsy bitsy quirky cuteness.

Up and down avenues, streets, lanes…and even amazing, artful alleys.

Mmmm Macarons!

Mmmm Macarons!




Salted Caramel

Gianduja (hazelnut/chocolate)

Dark Chocolate





Jasmine+Green Tea



And all gluten free gorgeous goodies.

Ooh la la.

101 Stanton St, LES, NY

Kisses Goodbye

Kisses Goodbye

Do you Bisous ciao?

We do.

And how.

Bet you can just guess what’s lurking inside this beautiful glossy black gift bag…

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