Shop Small Saturday

Shop Small Saturday

And so, it begins.

Small Biz Saturday starts in T minus 3 hours.

Now, you aren’t all tuckered out from Black Friday, are you?

I for one lit up the neighborhood this evening, and drew many a stare and
giggle from passersby on the street as I over stuffed the back of my SUV.

In wetting my whistle and filling up on anti-oxident rich Green Tea along
Southport, I spied the most lovely Small Biz stocking stuffers.

A self professed silhouette-a-holic, this pretty packaging from Julius
Meinl takes the cake.

No wrapping needed – just drop right into each stocking.

Many say Meinl is my second home.

I pop in for an icy cold green tea (or two…or three…ok…so what if my
family buys them by the four pack?) every single day.

And has anyone EVER had a better breakfast than their European Baked Eggs?
I bet not.

So, tomorrow, or this season, feel free to grab these oversize chocolate
bars in a bevy of fine flavors:

Champagne Cream Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Praline Chocolate with Nut Brittle

and of course – from the legendary 1862 Viennese coffee shop – Espresso!

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