Sweet Eats

Sweet Eats

We came, we saw, we ate and ate…

Who’s still awake out there?

The boys in our family are all curled up, couching and snoozing.

Here’s to your holiday celebrations today – may they be filled with friends, family, food and fun.

To end the feast, did you break out a fun, new dessert?

Devon Patterson, dear friend and chef extraordinaire, whipped these darling petite Pumpkin Pies up last night.

My first comment: "William Sonoma catalog worthy!"

His comment: "Blog worthy!"

Yes. Agreed.

And how.

And so, here they are for your own teeny tiny inspiration this season.

Happy Thanksgiving…gobble gobble.




Happy Thanksgiving to you.

We all have so much to be thankful for, and what better way to celebrate than focusing on gratitude for an entire day together.

One of my many, many blessings is the opportunity to bring Mini Manners, my children’s etiquette through eight weeks of arts, crafts and games course to public schools.

Since September, the most darling young girls (and a few token boys), ages first through fourth grades, have spent an hour a week crafting and honing our manners, mini style.

This holiday, we focused on being thankful, using words that start with the letters in Thanksgiving.

This is an easy game you can play today (or any day – any holiday), by simply writing the word by hand or printing it from your computer.

Each week, I am grateful to my sweet girls (and two boys), for all that they teach me, just by spending time together gathered round the table, and sharing how to always be kind, thoughtful, and of course, grateful.

Family Game Night

Family Game Night

Once the meal has been served…

The turkey, gobbled…

The dishes, soaked…

Well…what shall we all do then?

In my family, we always, always went to a movie. I remember being just old
enough to go for the first time without parents – which was SO cool.

Well, thanks to our dear, darling friends at Tablescapes and special
holiday delivery, we have a Thanksgiving Time to Play bag of fun.

What a fabulous gift idea for the season, no?

For all ages…for every occasion.

I for one cannot wait to dig right in.

I have been eyeing Foodie Fight for absolutely ever.

And a custom Tablescapes party trivia / charades duo game? Brilliant!

I do believe I see all of my favorite movies in one fell romantic wedding-y

Now, back to another all time favorite, Gone with the Wind on AMC. Which,
by the way, has been on for exactly four short hours and thirty-six
minutes…so far.

Thanksgiving Trivia Answer Key


We were so excited to share our Thanksgiving Trivia game for your holiday celebration, we plum cut off to the answer key along the bottom.




So here, without further ado, are the necessary answers for all of the fun family facts.

Happy trivia table time…

Why was the Mayflower built originally?
To carry wine
Who captained the Mayflower ship?
Christopher Jones
What was the original name for the Pilgrims?
What year did the Mayflower sail to Plymouth?
What is the indian tribe name invited to the pilgrim’s first Thanksgiving?
At the first Thankgiving, there were more ________ .
At the first Thanksgiving, what wasn’t yet invented?
Plymouth Rock is the size of ________ .
A car engine
Which president proclaimed Thanksgiving to be a national holiday?
Abraham Lincoln
The first store to hold a Thanksgiving Day Parade was ______ ?
Which city held this first holiday parade?
In what year did the first Macy’ Day Parade take place?
Which balloon was first in the parade?
Felix the Cat
The longest balloon in the parade is _____ ?
How many countries celebrate Thanksgiving?
What team started the Thanksgiving Football Game tradition in 1934 vs. Chicago Bears?
Detroit Lions
How do farmers know if a cranberry is ripe and ready?
It bounces 4″ off of the floor
In what month does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving?
The term “Tom Turkey” comes from which famous Tom?
Thomas Jefferson

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year.

A family filled, beautiful holiday to celebrate thankfulness.

It is also a bittersweet day for us, as our second family milestone in our new lives without Grandpa Carl.

The first on what would have been his 80th birthday, was just a few weeks ago.

We want so much to have Grandpa right ther with us tomorrow on Thanksgiving table…sitting right at the head of the table like he has for the almost sixteen years that I have sat across from him.

If you have a loved one that you want to include, honor and cherish with your own families or friends this holiday, here is our family project underway today.

We are writing all of our favorite Grandpa Carl memories and reflections onto paper leaves, and hanging them from ribbons off of branches for a tree of life centerpiece.

The children’s leaves are so simple, yet so profoundly deep and meaningful.

"Loved to hang with us kids" says Lilly.

Boy – let me refocus my priorities immediately, so that is how I am described and remembered one day, please.

"I love the way you love me" says Parker.

Again – I am left speechless.

But of the dozens of thoughts, the one that really got me…is Mike’s.

"I miss you Pop".

These important, sweet messages of love are sometimes hard to squeeze into our everyday routines and hectic schedules.

So why wait to share them?

Grab some paper – scissors – and a pen.

Send the kids outside, and have them stick some branches into a vase.

Share your lives and your loves and your appreciations with eachother tomorrow.

Don’t wait.

Life is short.

Thankful Trifle

Thankful Trifle

Do you have a favorite go to vase in your pantry?

One that every year, every holiday, you can’t wait to break out?

I have a special place in my heart – and my pantry – for my trifle bowls.

Look how we styled them up, fast and full of fresh autumnal produce, gourds, mini indian corn and more, for Thanksgiving.

This is a full on gather the kids around the table and all pitch in project.

How’s your table coming?

Send us photos – and share all of your favorite holiday decor.

We know that you have great tricks and traditions to share with us as well.

Happy holidays to you and yours.

Need your own favorite trifle bowl? Visit pamperedchef.com

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