Media Mania

Media Mania

Since 4:30 am we have been cooking and booking…

Would you believe we have broadcast live in San Diego, Las Vegas, Philly, Chicago, Seattle, Sacramento and Phoenix?

Just to name a few.

All from the 37th floor of the Hancock.

Now that’s traveling.



Look at these!

Major party yum – these Safeway Select Arancini are right in your (Dominick’s) freezer aisle.

Unwrap, heat, garnish with balsamic glaze (plucked right from the vinegar aisle) and a fresh shave of parmesan.

Melted, oozey, risotto deliciousness in every single bite.

Simply perfect for a winter treat.

Ho ho holidays…

Ho ho holidays...

Happy Holidays.

It is official.

We are a busy, buzzing workshop of little elves for the next several weeks,
slowing down only around Christmas Eve.


A HUGE day. Crazy exciting day downtown for a big new project.


Even bigger. Monster of a Satellite Media Tour for Safeway sharing Happy
Holiday DIY Decor and Beautiful Buffets and more.

18 television interviews across the country from San Diego to Philly – and
we start the day at the wee morning hour of 4 am.


Even bigger.

We are throwing an amazing Holiday Party How to in Georgetown at the new,
gorgeous mac daddy Safeway.

I can’t WAIT to spend the day in one of my favorite neighborhoods in the

And believe it or not it gets even BIGGER on Saturday – our first holiday
party – the dazzling, beautiful, elegant Hinsdale Holiday Ball.

My favorite detail? The ENTIRE gala is tartan. From front door urns and
topiary…to bedecked ballroom custom tabletops.

Which of the yummy tartan ribbons shown is YOUR favorite?

For the gala we are using Frazer in the 70 mm wide width for the entire
cocktail decor, and the dramatic Menzies for the formal dining room.

These are all for sale in our boutique – let us know which you like best
and we can reserve a roll (or two!) just for you.

I don’t know where to start with detailing my excitement and gratitude for
each and every magical experience this week.

How are YOU celebrating the happy holidays?

Do share please…I would love to get inspired by your stories, traditions,
and tales.

Ho Ho Holiday Cards


Small Business Saturday starts shortly…

As does my FAVORITE time of the entire year.

Starting this weekend, the mailbox shall overfloweth with smiling, cheerful, giggling, cherubic family photography adorning holiday cards.

Ahhhh…isn’t it SUCH fun?

I for one, can hardly wait for this weekend to arrive.

How about you?

Are you just “puzzled”, as to where to start with your holiday cards this season?



Not sure where to “hang” your favorite fam photo this season?



Well, let me tell you, tomorrow you can cross this item right off of your long holiday to-do list.



Pop over to our pretty little design studio, A Perfect Event, all weekend, and we will happily hook you up.

Plus, all holiday card orders are 20% off, saving you a bundle.

All of these adorable options start around $1 per card, custom printed greeting included.

They are custom printed, and ready in about a week.

Out of town?  No worries.

We work with clients all over the country – from coast to coast we are placing orders, sending proofs, and shipping tender tissue wrapped gift boxes door to door.  Give us a call or an email, and we’ll start your order immediately.

Printed on heavyweight cardstock, with matching envelopes, we’ve made it easy as pie to send a chic card to friends and family, sharing the warmth of the happy holidays.

This textured faux bois design is a HUGE favorite – where is my darling Ross Svebeck when I need him?

Happy holidays to you, one and all.

A Perfect Event design studio, 3050 N. Lincoln, Chicago.  Tel 773-244-9333.  Open 11-6 M-F, 11-5 Sat, 12-5 Sun.

Shop Small Saturday

Shop Small Saturday

And so, it begins.

Small Biz Saturday starts in T minus 3 hours.

Now, you aren’t all tuckered out from Black Friday, are you?

I for one lit up the neighborhood this evening, and drew many a stare and
giggle from passersby on the street as I over stuffed the back of my SUV.

In wetting my whistle and filling up on anti-oxident rich Green Tea along
Southport, I spied the most lovely Small Biz stocking stuffers.

A self professed silhouette-a-holic, this pretty packaging from Julius
Meinl takes the cake.

No wrapping needed – just drop right into each stocking.

Many say Meinl is my second home.

I pop in for an icy cold green tea (or two…or three…ok…so what if my
family buys them by the four pack?) every single day.

And has anyone EVER had a better breakfast than their European Baked Eggs?
I bet not.

So, tomorrow, or this season, feel free to grab these oversize chocolate
bars in a bevy of fine flavors:

Champagne Cream Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Praline Chocolate with Nut Brittle

and of course – from the legendary 1862 Viennese coffee shop – Espresso!

My Fair Maggie


I sat tonight and watched the touching, artistic and amazing Gaga Thanksgiving.

I thought, how can one woman be so completely, totally, driven to use her talent in so many new, important, I want to improve life for young people ways?

Then, as Gaga bid adieu, reports broke of the passing of Chicago’s iconic, cherished first lady.

Maggie Daley.

She too, is REALLY something.

A phenomenal force.

Never ending messages of inspiration, hope, and strength.

She, like Gaga, believed in making a difference.

She never stopped working, building, creating, giving, and improving life within our fair city.

She is a legend.

We are so grateful for her legacy, her generosity of spirit, and her never, ever, EVER ending smile.

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