Got a NAC?

Got a NAC?

Do you know Nancy and Cathleen?

Admittidly, I just met them last night.

And already they are my new BFFs.

Take my word, they will be yours too.

NAC for Style, Nancy and Cathleen’s Southport dreamy chic stylish "apartment" meets pop up for a stylish life is their curated collection of everything fabulous for fall.

The living room is dressed in zebra, vintage white lacquer and sparkling crystals a plenty, paired with Vogue prints from Paris, bien sur.

The bedrooms and closets are chock of designer clothes, both new and vintage to include yummy YSL, Chanel, Frei, Meg, and more.

My very favorite jewelers, Wendy Brown and Zora Accessories, adorn tabletops throughout the house.

And this – the Bill Cunningham On the Streets Sunday Styles NYT collaged fridge – made me want to sit a spell and savor my cocktail.

NAC for Style, 3732 North Southport, or

Email to find the dates of the next pop up par-tay.

Tricky Treats

Tricky Treats

Look what arrived today – a spooky, chocolatey truffle truffle treat box.

Crisp and Cozy truffles…


Candy Corn mallows…

Major yum.

Thanks tt, Nicole, Josh and friends.

Happy Halloween.

Weekend Wine

Weekend Wine

Halloween parties are the big boo-tiful plans this weekend, and you?

Scurrying about today sourcing and scouring for the last little lovelies, and what did I find?

How pretty is this Malbec for parties, showers, wedding menus, and more?

Have you tasted it?

I plan to do so, stat.

Sunset Mag

Sunset Mag

One of my FAVORITE magazines arrived in my mailbox today.

I wait anxiously for it to arrive every month.

Chock full of gorgeous photography, simple and healthy recipes, party spreads, interiors and decor, sunny west coast travel tips and more…

It is a bright beam of California sunshine in this midwestern life.

Make sure to note page 87 – its the beautiful photo shoot we did in San Francisco with my dear friends at Safeway.

Remember all the fun sneak peeks? Now you can enjoy every delicious Thanksgiving tabletop detail up close and in full vibrant color.

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