Happy Halloween…



Just a few costume party pics from the holiday weekend.

I have been whipping these up for the past few weeks.

The kids were not pleased at his costume…Lilly has been telling me for weeks “You CANNOT let him wear this.  This is SO embarrasing, mom.  He CANNOT wear this outside.”

Then, dressed and feathered and ready to go, she looked at him and affectionately said, smiling, “Dad, you are SO PRETTY!”

Happy Hauntings


We dare you to step inside.

Sneak a peek at the spooky scenes we designed for a Haunted House this Halloween…




We dressed the space for two days – layering ghostly ghastly decor details onto every molding, mantle and interior detail, tabletop, and more.



The dead red roses were a big hit at the party…it is always great fun listening to what detail guests ooh and ahh over as they stroll the space soaking in every last drop.



The creepy draped chairs added to the eery effects…



Black muslin, white cobwebs and spiders, tarantulas, insects, creepy crawlers, and flickering candles covered every surface.







The Poison Potions…





We trecked to suburban scientific laboratories to source glass beakers of varied CCs…



And test tubes for specialty cocktails as guests arrived…




The “Boo-fet” featured delish decadent bites from Food for Thought Catering




Spring Rolls…



Truffled Finger-lings



And of course the perfect themed Missoni appetizer plates a plenty…



The stunning turn of the century architecture couldn’t have been more spook-tacular.



The Cupcake Bar featured Sweet Mandy B’s minis that we gussied up with 3D toys and treats.






Caramel Apples from Mr. Kite’s…




And kooky cookies…






Mwaaaah haa haa – Happy Halloween!




Another party sneak peek…

Nobody brings the sweet memories of childhood back like Mr. Kite’s sticky sweet confectionery in The Gold Coast.

(Well, maybe Next’s new childhood menu a la the great Grant Achatz now shall rival).

Candy and Caramel

Candy and Caramel

I dare say…

The Caramel Bar tonight is going to be quite the hit.

Mini "Lady Apple" versions of every possible type of caramel including salted caramel de burre, peanut butter caramel, cranberry caramel, and last but not least, dipped with every Halloween colored candy you can imagine.

Tricks 'n Treats

Tricks 'n Treats

What are you terrifying treats are you ghouls serving up this weekend?

Tonight we have a Spooks ‘n Sweets Bar with:

Boo Berry
Vampire Blood Velvet
PB S’mores
Candy Corn

And mwahh haaa haa more.

Haunted Spirit

Haunted Spirit

Best score EVER for your Halloween parties this weekend?

The tricked out disco Absolut Mandarin holiday bottle.

Lined up as is on the center of your bar, it’s an instant centerpiece.


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