Did you miss Missoni Madness on Tuesday?

Well come over and see our marvelous Missoni inspired trend vignettes, and you’ll quickly understand what all the hub ub fuss was about.

I personally was counting down the calendar days and planning my purchase strategy for weeks.

Sheer exhaustion inspired me to choose online black of night 12:01 am as my buying attack, instead of in store at 7 am in Lincoln Park.

Following facebook and twitter around midnight, the e-feed frenzy really began. People were posting standing in line outside stores, people were refreshing target.com like mad to no avail, and EVERYONE had something to say about the madness.

About 1 am it became clear (from posts of friends of friends who worked at dear Target) the 12:01 am promised target.com grand opening was PACIFIC time.

So, alarm set, I grabbed a few hours of sleep. Dreaming about Missoni-esque store windows and placesettings on display for our fabulous fall trend vignettes.

Jolting up at the alarm and grabbing my laptop with glee – it was TRUE! The store was open as promised and I quickly set with a tabletop shopping strategy as fast as my fingers could carry me.

And now – today – we unveil our TWO Missoni madness inspired tabletops.

Come on in and see while your sip and you savor.

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