Mad for Missoni

Mad for Missoni

Sneak peek at tabletop two – don’t you just LOVE the black and white chevron Missoni plates?

These sadly, were in store only. Drag.

That I didn’t plan on when plotting and planning away.

So, thankfully my sister in law sent a Seattle shopping emergency SOS text, propelling me out of the studio and directly to the most un-Missoni like zipcodes I could muster up in Chicago.

You all know by now the demand for the online Missoni sale was so hot crashed.

So I sprinted to the stores, and was out paced by a huge, brute football player of a guy who loaded up his cart with all but a few of these beautiful plates.

He must knock em down on the field, and throw a mean dinner party off the turf.

I have everyone I know keeping an eye out for more – let me know if you see any!

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