Beachy Buckets

Beachy Buckets

Fun shop windows filled with sunshine and summer chic designs abound up and down the streets of Nantucket town.

I love these glass buckets, which bring the beach indoors to the tabletop when filled with sand and shiny seashells.

We often use the same buckets or glass cylinders, filled with a bit of fine grain sand for a base, and top with a pillar candle, then surround with small seashells.

Another variation?

Fill halfway with seashells, then water to an inch from the top. Add a floating candle, for a shimmering, sparkling centerpiece.

Want to turn up the decor volume? Line a collection down a long table, or cluster in the center of a round table, and add detail with small piles of sand around and between vases.

Top with scattered shells to create an elegant, classic seaside centerpiece.

The best news?

You can pack it all up when summer season winds down, and store it year round.

Then…twelve months later, rewind, pull out, repeat and enjoy again next June.

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